How Much Do You Know About The King Of Pop?

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This is a little quiz to see how well you know Michael Jackson like me because I am a big Michael Jackson fan and will do anything to see the love of my life Michael Jackson.

  • 1
    When was Michael Jackson born?
    When was Michael Jackson born?
  • 2
    What was Michael's fastest selling album?
  • 3
    Who is Michael's mother?

  • 4
    Who was always on Michael's left when the Jackson brothers did a show?
  • 5
    When did Michael Jackson die?
  • 6
    How long was Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley married?

  • 7
    How old was Michael when he joined the group?
  • 8
    How many brothers and sisters does Michael have?
  • 9
    What song has these lyrics? "Some things in life they just don't want to see but if Martin Luther was living, he wouldn't let this be."
  • 10
    What song has these lyrics? "Carry me like the River Jordon and I will then say to thee that you are my friend. Hold me like you are my brother love me like a mother.........."

  • 11
    Finish this line. "Heal the world. Make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race. There are people...."
  • 12
    Fill in the blank. "I used to dream. I used to glance beyond the_____. But now I don't know where we are. But although I know we've drifted far."
  • 13
    What was the name of his pet monkey?
  • 14
    What is these lyrics from? "Girl there's something about you baby that makes me want to give it to you."
  • 15
    What was the address that the Jackson's family sung about together?
  • 16
    What commercial was the Jackson brothers doing when Michael Jackson's hair was caught on fire?

  • 17
    Where was Michael Jackson born?
  • 18
    What sibling did he do the music video "Scream" with?

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5 days ago
I got 18 out of 18 I 😍🥰love Micheal Jackson
7 days ago
I love MJ I was the only of my sibs to be alive while he was I was born Feb 2009 I can moonwalk YEET My fav songs are You are not alone, they don't care about us and smooth criminal. I love Billie Jean, beat it, thriller, scream and also I want you back soooooo much.
32 days ago
He he now I’m teach you how to be like Michael jaxson he he just give me one more chance NOW!!! Lisa Marie I Ben with her for 2 yrs
69 days ago
Yes omg I love Micheal even though I found about him when I was 7 exactly the year he died but when I did I immediately fell in love wish I was born earlier to meet him.
266 days ago
I love michael with all my heart he will never be forgotten his soul will live on RIP
307 days ago
I love Michael Jackson so much
355 days ago
I got 17/18 I love him so much!!❤❤
503 days ago
Michael actually join the group at 5
505 days ago
Check the history.He had 5 brothers Marlon Randy Tito Jackie Jermaine.
511 days ago
Michael have 9 brother and sister
514 days ago
I love Michael Jackson
573 days ago
I got 17 out of 18
614 days ago
huge michael jackson fan and to all those other fans just know he loves you guys very much and he would want each and every one of you to be happy. may he rest in paradise michael joseph jackson always remembered in our hearts born on august 29 1958 body died on june 25 2009 but may his soul live forever
train, perfection
march,april,full out may

*as one always said "if you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make that change "
631 days ago
hi I am a big fan of you
668 days ago
668 days ago
I called him 2 times on the phone with him it was Sunday or Saturday okay I think it was Sunday
668 days ago
I'll never forget you I Promise
668 days ago
its hold me like the river Jordan then I will say thee you were my friend carry me like you were my brother love me like a mother Will You Be There?
698 days ago
You guys have the lyrics for Will you be there mixed up. It's Hold Me Like The River Jordan not Carry Me
700 days ago
I want to do more and more.