Am I a Lesbian?

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Are you a girl who's feeling attracted to other girls? Absolutely nothing wrong with that - but wouldn't it be good to know for sure? This test is for females who want to find out whether they're lesbian, straight or bisexual. Try it now! Knowledge is power.

  • 1
    When you see a pretty girl looking at you, what do you do?
  • 2
    What colors do you like most?
    What colors do you like most?
  • 3
    How do you feel when a girl hugs you?

  • 4
    Have you ever kissed a boy?
  • 5
    Which do you like most?
  • 6
    Do you know any bisexual or lesbian girls?

  • 7
    What would you say to a girl who asked if you want to be her girlfriend?
  • 8
    Why are you doing this test, anyway?
  • 9
    What do your parents think about lesbians/bisexual?
  • 10
    Have you ever been in love?

Comments (206)


14 days ago
Oh god I’m les -3- I’m only 10.... when i thought i was bi i tried t come out but my family said I didn’t know what it meant, i had no choice but to agree. I sorta knew i would get this but still.. i have a crush on my best friend but I’m pretty sure she’s straight...
50 days ago
Do you know why I'm lesbian? Because boys can be very stupid but also that I think that being with a girl is a stronger bond.
72 days ago
depends on wether or not you are comfortable with coming out. Try coming out to a friend/ family first if you want to but first check if they are homophobic or not
78 days ago
I'm lesbian but I'm 12 Should I come out?
80 days ago
i'm lesbian BUT i'm literally eight. should i wait to come out?
119 days ago
*physical attraction. idk im just confused :'((( like I know some lesbians who find a man every now and then attractive( but isn't sexual or romantically attractive to them) and it's normal but ughh that's how I feel too. idk
119 days ago
I'm only 17 so I still have time to fully discover myself but it's making me a little overwhelmed (??). Like i love women whether they're fictional or irl but for men I'm only attracted to fictional/ male celebrities(ppl that I know that I can't physically have). Yes I've had a few crushes on boys in school but it felt "forced" & it was only physically attraction, I didn't see myself romantically with them like how I do with girls.
153 days ago
I think I’m a lesbian...... oops
153 days ago
It says I’m bi but might decide to ditch guys and become lesbian? Also if I want to be lesbian, does that make me a lesbian? Like the girl who commented before me said
169 days ago
Hey, I took this quiz because I’m confused.. I thought I was bi, but I usually don’t find boys attractive. And with girls I find all most of them attractive. But like I want to be a lesbian, does that make me a lesbian? If that make sense
198 days ago
I'm 11 turning 12 and I'm a lesbian u kind of new it but just wanted to know for sure but I'm scared of coming out to my dad as my mum died when I was 9 so Idk what to do
199 days ago
Says I am bi. I and 43. I have always been attracted to woman from as young as 5. Something you can never be in my family. I married since 2015 but honestly have to think of a woman when intimate. I feel not in love but I do love and care for him. I have no girlfriends or friends really because my life is secret. When do I get real love. Real passion.
279 days ago
I'm lesbian.... "I tHoUgH yOu WhErE aMeRiKaN":o
291 days ago
I though I was but cause I had crush on a guy but I'm started to feel unatraccted to him and i knew I liked girls but I'm I bi or lesbian I wanna be lesbain my parents would understand I think but I like girls and all my friends have crushes on these famous celebrates but I don't is that weird or no
294 days ago
It said I am a lesbian. I think I knew it. But my parents would never understand. So I guess I would have to be single my hole life.
295 days ago
Im totally lesbian.....
Knew it
I wish to be single all my life...
323 days ago
Totally lesbian which I already knew.
326 days ago
llove being lesbian, not a fan of being demisexual, but hey! love is not a choice and anyway its not my fault i turned oout the way i did what with the ocd and adhd and mild anxiety
326 days ago
lmao im a full on lesbian (found out when i watched chelsea dagger and listened to the regrettes and watched all out of tears) but it said im bi hahaha no but my best friend is bi :) (also im demi so)
328 days ago
I’m totally lesbian :)