I Can Guess Your Race!

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Answer the questions and I will tell you what race you are. I promise I'm not intentionally being racist....I'm just trying to have some friendly, harmless fun. This quiz is meant in a good spirit, not to take cheap shots at minorities. But if you're a person who's extremely sensitive about such topics, feel free to find a quiz you'll feel more comfortable with. I won't be offended.:)

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    What's a typical dinner for you?
    What's a typical dinner for you?

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ummm, this is... idk WEIRD! im brazilian so i have everything except asian. Im mostly white, with some indigenous, a little brown, and some mulatto. idk what this, racist, stereotypical, or both.
4 days ago
This didn’t age well
7 days ago
Kinda racist and stereotypical...
9 days ago
This is my personal thought on this quiz , I look at it as to see how many ignorant people there is on this planet , on this quiz it says I'm 50% white and blah blah blah , but then I'm considered to be 100% Puerto Rican because of family and friends that know me , supposedly , I'm sorry but I consider myself to be 100% of the human race period , it doesn't matter to me what color you look , what language you speak or anything else others may consider to separate you and I , in my so called immediate family , what ever that's supposed to be , I've came across different skin colors and languages , so how the hell can I or supposed to categorize myself to be a certain race ? I consider myself to be able to relate to anyone who comes along my path in life and not look at anyone to be any more different than what I am , a human life form , here on this planet to experience what ever it is that comes in our path of life , I look at everyone in my life journey the same , please I would love to hear from anyone a comment they may have towards my comment and feel free to say anything you feel , I will not feel affended on anything you say , I'm still human just as you are , whether you like it or not , with love to everyone
10 days ago
Oh god... you've related me every kinds of race in the universe 😂
10 days ago
I am not white or black or Latin or Canadian or Chinese. I am Indian
12 days ago
Im British Irish Scottish and Canadian. not American, Asian and Latino. Take one look at me and you'll agree. my skin is so white it literally reflects the sun.
18 days ago
You did not get it righ
18 days ago
I'm not any type of Asian and I'm not Latina lmao. And it said I was mostly white when i'm really mostly black lol
19 days ago
You are most likely an African-American. Your race is known for having athletic skills that the rest of us would kill for, as well as an innate sense of rhythm that makes you great at music and dance. And you have many more great things about you that I haven't touched on here. I hope you weren't offended by this quiz. "IM WHITE"
19 days ago
100% wrong, im not asian, american, hispanic, canadian, or african american.
I am russian.
23 days ago
lol at least add arabs in there and our food because I’m not white lol
25 days ago
it says i was white and yall i am
25 days ago
100% wrong, im an arab who is partly north african, it said im white lmao
25 days ago
its not racist yall i mean its a quiz its supposed to guess your race
27 days ago
no, your intention is to be offensive if you make a quiz like this as if it's all a joke or something because it's some stereotype 💗. i can already tell by the first question. it basically IS racist and there shouldn't be any quizzes like this at all, and yet there is because people have the audacity to make quizzes like this just to be offensive. if you didn't mean to be offensive, you wouldn't have made the quiz, you ignorant imbecile.
30 days ago
"You're one of the smartest races in the world...Asian!" "I will only say that I hope the races there can work out their problems and live in peace." "Your race is known for having athletic skills that the rest of us would kill for, as well as an innate sense of rhythm that makes you great at music and dance." Are they TRYING to be racist?
31 days ago
I'm Latina not White or Asian
32 days ago
It said I was white asian latino n African American....I’m Polynesian American 🤦‍♀️
32 days ago
I'm not white or Asian,I am African-American so saying i'm 60% American well you aren't so far off...