I Can Guess Your Race!

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Answer the questions and I will tell you what race you are. I promise I'm not intentionally being racist....I'm just trying to have some friendly, harmless fun. This quiz is meant in a good spirit, not to take cheap shots at minorities. But if you're a person who's extremely sensitive about such topics, feel free to find a quiz you'll feel more comfortable with. I won't be offended.:)

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    What's a typical dinner for you?
    What's a typical dinner for you?

Comments (271)


6 days ago
It says that I’m 90% white which most people
say I have ancestry in but wow! I actually don’t so pretty common answer
7 days ago
i am Pakistani asian
8 days ago
It said I was asian when I'm actually half white half latina.
10 days ago
It said I was white, Asian, or black. I'm black, can't dance, not athletic. That's odd
11 days ago
I'm in shock it said I was 0% African- American (my race)
14 days ago
It said that i am african,american,asian,canadian and latina but i am european and pale skinned
17 days ago
This I find most interesting, however I would have been more satisfied if it were much longer, meaning to include more questions. It could have added preference to art, as in colors, color strengths and/or subtleties. An inclusion of music types, you probably guessed I would have added that. Lastly questions of preference for fragrances, this last one is more difficult to implement in a questionnaire, it’d be considered to be an accurate inclusion if we were in a room equipped with the test fragrances on hand.
20 days ago
It said I was asian, white, latina and African American. Which I am not any of those. I am African.
20 days ago
Said that I was 0% white (my race) and mostly Asian, not accurate and very stereotypical
22 days ago
It said i was asian and im african american
33 days ago
Bruh it said i was white and i am i Hispanic man
38 days ago
It said I was Asian, Black, or Latino. I am actually Hispanic-Latina, since I'm mixed. I think this is stereotypical and racist.
39 days ago
Said I am Asian or Latino. I'm actually from Spain which makes me Hispanic. Hispanic & Latino are not the same. To be Latino I would have to be from Latin America. To be Hispanic you'd have to be from a country where Spanish was the native language. A person could be both Hispanic & Latino or be either one independently.
40 days ago
Said I’m white. Asian was 2nd place. 0% black. I’m Afro-Latina, dominant on the afro. Possibly 2-5% white.....extremely stereotypical quiz...and I’m 5’0 :/
42 days ago
I don't get it my mom is black my dad is white and I'm white what am I am I mixed I'm a Caucasian what am I
45 days ago
Also I’m 5’1 why is there no short options lol
45 days ago
It said I’m white but I’m half white half asian
46 days ago
lmfao this site ^^^^^
47 days ago
it said im asian i- im not even asian im the only thing they got correct was im latina/latino and im canadian but all the others were completely wrong. it said im american but im not. im also not african. .-.
58 days ago
You're white, more than likely an American.
Wow, they actually got it right. Good job