Does your crush like you back? (Boys crushes on girls)

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I'm a girl, so trust me, I know what a girl would do if she liked someone. Boys only, ages 10-13!

  • 1
    Does she ever stare at you?
  • 2
    When you trip and fall, what does she do?
  • 3
    Has she ever flirted to you?
  • 4
    Does she always try to look her best, and laugh at your stupid jokes?
  • 5
    How many of these does she do? Flirts, looks her best around you, pupils get larger when she talks to you, stares at you, imitates what you do, and backs you up?
  • 6
    Does she watch your basketball games, even if she hates basketball and could be with her buds?
  • 7
    If you and your crush had to be paired for a dance, what would she say?
  • 8
    You, your crush, and 3 other people (2 being her friends) are in a group to do a project in science. Who does she talk to about it the most?
  • 9
    (This one girls do the most, so pay attention carefully) Do her friends ever ask you questions, like "Do you have a girlfriend" or "Do you like (your name) or (another girl's name) better?" Or do her friend's ever mention to you that she did something for you?
  • 10
    Final question: Do YOU think she likes you?

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Jsje (69858)
21 days ago
It said that the girl does not like me but now she my girlfriend
luala (70992)
34 days ago
Im a girl, why am i taking the test?
Satisfied customer (90416)
61 days ago
Meh, she's a girl wut could she kno about it
Brian (99259)
64 days ago
Nope Kristina doesn't....
[ Content Deleted ] (71503)
70 days ago

-throws computer and moves to mexico-
Connor (85556)
84 days ago
I took this test 3 months ago and it said she likes me, now she LOVES me!!!
aiden (85169)
86 days ago
she doesnt like me
dfhfg (32674)
93 days ago
This is inaccurate because the final question changes everything. I mean everything. EVERYTHING!!! Why do I think that half of the people here are 8-year-olds and girls???
meme (59930)
103 days ago
hi jordyn how you doin
None of your buisness (31951)
104 days ago
Who would say their name thats silly.
None of your buisness (31951)
104 days ago
She likes me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
owen (48010)
122 days ago
Ava loves me!!!!!!!!
Jsnebdhdbbsbsb (31742)
127 days ago
To fuku: I know right
fuku (51865)
133 days ago
i dont play basketball
142 days ago
Sorry not accurate, did this as a girl, said she’s not interested in you at all, sometimes signs aren’t obvious, unless this girl is trying to make it obvious that she likes you then I assume it’ll say she doesn’t
Jutsin (43344)
145 days ago
Omg Sophie coop actually likes me my heart is beating and I am figuratively jumppings for joy
emily (65107)
162 days ago
so this is pretty accurate, i'm a girl and took it for my crush and it's correct. :)
kruzar (26502)
178 days ago
my test:She's sweet, she has a little crush on you! It might be puppy love, but she certainly sees you for who you are and wants you to see her back. She's probably just shy!
Kiron (34778)
206 days ago
I cry every time I get a negative result ):
CZ10 (25738)
232 days ago
I love Joy!!!!(my crush)