Would you survive a day in the life of Harry Potter?

Developed by: Elise Hallgren

  • 1
    Have you read the Harry Potter books?
  • 2
    Can you name Harry’s wand type?
  • 3
    What is the last protection in the sorcerer’s stone?
  • 4
    Say death eaters attack, if you were in Gryffindor you would?
  • 5
    You see a Grim in your tea leaves you:
  • 6
    You grab the Triwizard cup and you are teleported to a cemetery you:
  • 7
    Name all of the Weasley children.
  • 8
    What is Sirius Black’s house elf’s name?
  • 9
    What does Ron see in the mirror of Erised?
  • 10
    In the final book why does Harry survive?

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Hermione Jean Granger (35748)
326 days ago
I got an O in this, why not Defense Against the Dark Arts?