Developed by: Larissa

Get ready to see if you are a fashion diva or prince.

  • 1
    Boys and Girls can like fashion.
  • 2
    You can do fashion if you Believe.
  • 3
    It's OK if you just want to scribble any thing down and say done.
  • 4
    Any age is welcome.
  • 5
    If you have talent for fashion you have to join a club or a fashion store.
  • 6
    It is good to express your feelings on to your fashion.
  • 7
    It is OK to fail.
  • 8
    It's OK to hurt somebody if they say they do not like your work.
  • 9
    It is OK to get last place and Keep on shooting for your goal.
  • 10
    Last thing, I will not care what you do as long as it goes with what the project is about.

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