What is your REAL eye color?

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You may have blue, black, hazel, brown, multi-colored or violet eyes. Perhaps you have heterochromia (both eyes of different colors or two-colors in one eye). You may have super-cute olive green or any shade of green eye-color like me! But what is your REAL eye color? Take this quiz to find out!

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    First of all, what is your natural eye-color?
    First of all, what is your natural eye-color?

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Trolling kid (34621)
2 days ago
But I have black eyes umm
The Dwagon (60255)
88 days ago
My eyes are able to change colors. The test said I have green eyes. Also, I iza dwagon!
Averil SquirrelGirl (81533)
90 days ago
Last comment I swear lol - I took it for my mom. She got brown eyes but she is NOT a procrastinator. But she does have brown eyes. Took it for my friend Riley, she's 20% each lol but blue eyes is totally her—and she has blue eyes! Took it for my sister who's one who has a strange eyecolor that usually looks dark green with yellow and a bit of brown in it. She got unique lol. That was why I took this quiz, to find out my sister's eye color!
Averil SquirrelGirl (81533)
90 days ago
Yeah just saw the results for brown eyes :( didn't make me feel any better about my eyecolor. I would make a great green eyed girl.
Averil SquirrelGirl (81533)
90 days ago
In my dreams I have green eyes! I have boring brown eyes. Half of the world has brown eyes. I wish I had green eyes, I have for my whole life. But unfortunately my eyes are brown always (even when I was a baby) were always will be. But I am creative, smart, and shy. I'm definitely NOT proud of the fact I'm shy, but creative and smart are my best qualities! I've tried everything for green eyes... Unfortunately that was when I was younger and thought green dye in toothpaste then staring at the sun would change my eyecolor. Great quiz! I love being unique so if I had green eyes that would be awesome. I use to always ask my bff who moved to Ireland "would I look twice as nice with green eyes?" She's visiting this month... So guess what I'll be asking her! I've tried to Photoshop green eyes on me but I suck at Photoshop and PiZap isn't exactly the best app for the job... Lol. Thanks for this super awesome quiz!!!! You sound a lot like me!! Except for you don't have boring brown eyes. My favorite colors are yellow and green so I want blonde hair and green eyes. But I would look terrible with blonde hair, especially younger me. I have always had blonde highlights in the summer though! Now for the first time in my life (since I was a baby, of course) I wouldn't look that bad, but brown hair fits me. I still have teal highlights from the beginning of the year. The purple didn't stick. I had long hair in the beginning of the year lol. Anyways thanks for the awesome quiz!
gd (06138)
93 days ago
umn. im green and it tells me im green-eyed. :( i want brown and i want no bullies making fun of my green eyeswhy isn't green common?
sunnu (27986)
98 days ago
what 's wrong! in having brown eyes
brown eyes have more advantages than other eye color
CatGuru245 (26147)
137 days ago
Uhh so I got blue... but I have brown eyes. Is this suppose to tell me "bish you should've been born with blue eyes"?
Olivia (76619)
168 days ago
Its totally useless test.My eyes are brown.I 'm not a green eyed person
EchoFlower (10796)
169 days ago
Umm I have gray eyes but I want baby blue and emerald green heyerchromia!
Esther (25658)
172 days ago
Yup they got it my eyes are green well actually hazel but close enough
akhil (52908)
205 days ago
useless from any angle I am not a blue eyed person😡😡😡!
Dpaphne (25043)
213 days ago
Oke I have grey eyes but I have gotton green/blue eyes..........
Andrea (81062)
217 days ago
Ied like to send in a picture of my eye to see if I can be told what color my eye are?.
Madison (88802)
225 days ago
Okay, my eyes are grey but I got green. What is this?!?!
Rifa (85453)
231 days ago
Mine are not sure either... my eyes seem brown.. but if i take a close look or go under a red bulb.. it appears to be green.. but if the sunlight falls on my eyes.. its pure yellowish light brown.. i don't know.. plzz do help.. i want to know
Ellie (94323)
234 days ago
Green should actually be in the "other" section. Only 2% of people have truly green eyes. Most people who say they have green eyes actually have hazel eyes.

Also, NOTHING IS TELLING ME WHAT MY EYE COLOR IS! It's a blue based multi-color.
tris (31148)
448 days ago
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What is your REAL eye color?

For 50 % you are: You are a green-eyed beauty like me! Super intelligent, smart, creative and shy!
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i am hazel eyed from far away green but up close there is a little brown
Rylee (31739)
722 days ago
This is the GREATEST QUIZ EVER!!!!!!!! Thanks for making it!!
Shanaya (44354)
960 days ago
Very nice... came to know a lot about eye colors