How Pretty Are You? (Girls Only)

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It's been said that everyone is beautiful, inside and out - but in which ways do you stand out from the crowd, looks-wise? Don't write yourself off if you don't look like a Barbie doll, or a Kardashian or a Jenner. Everyone has her own unique type of beauty. If you'd like to find out how much of a stunner you are, take this quiz!

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    What color eyes do you have?
    What color eyes do you have?

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hi (96209)
14 hours ago
Honestly lets think about this, somebody made this quiz, the results are based on THEIR PERSPECTIVE. If it says you are not pretty that is in their eyes, you are most likely beautiful to tons of other people. Some people don't find curly hair attractive, some do. Some people don't find blue eyes attractive, some do. REMEMBER THAT
Vera (85333)
17 hours ago
It was a joke. I’m not actually that vain in real life. I just said that to see if anyone will insult me.
Vera (85333)
I have been called vain. Truth is I know everyone would be vain if they were me. They were so jealousy of me. I guess they have to find flaws in a stunning, intelligent girl. People call me fat too. And I’m not fat;I’m just not as thin as them. They’re 100% jealous of me. I mean they have to make fun of my physical appearance because it’s the only thing they have against me.
Vera (85333)
I’ll never sign a modeling contract. Um... I’m a model for the gap.I have stunning emerald green eyes, gorgeous curly red hair, and full fluffy lips. I also have straight a’s. And I play four sports gymnastics, dance, swimming, and basketball. I also play clarinet and piano. And I just realized why some people call me an ugly nerd-because they’re jealous. Of course who can blame them. After all I’m an incredibly stunning straight A student. I’m way to hot for all of the boys at my school.
Monique (85333)
3 days ago
There is one thing I’m better than her at, singing. And she’s better than me at every sport in existence. I get complimented on my high vocabulary; she got 100% on a 7th grade vocabulary test in 5th grade. I complete 30 sit ups in a minute during gym class. She completes 45 sit-ups in minute during gym class. I’m great at language arts; she is better than most 8th graders at language arts. We’re both in sixth grade. And I know my parents secretly favor her over me. I can’t blame them; she gets better grades and is more athletic.
Monique (85333)
3 days ago
I have a problem. Anything I’m good at my stepsister is better at or equal. My grade average for all subjects averages at 93. Her grade average for all subjects averages at 99. I’m also good at art but everyone says her drawings are better than mine. I’m also good at writing but she won two writing competitions in the past year and because of her writing her school created a newspaper. My spelling tests in 5th grade average at 96%; her spelling tests in 5th grade average at 100%. Also I’m kind of unathletic; she’s really athletic.
Riley (41913)
4 days ago
This quiz is racist af lol. Blonde hair and blue eyes aren’t more attractive, y’all just like white peoples better.
Ihatemxself (75065)
4 days ago
Wow.. It says i dont care about how I look and how i look is on my mind everyday!
Jasmine (10201)
5 days ago
Took this quiz for fun...It says You probably won't ever sign a modeling contract. I am a model for the most famous brand in U.A.E for a famous Actress
Smartestinschool (85333)
12 days ago
Eyes: brown, deep set.
Hair: black, shiny, and wavy
Lips:Light pink and full
Skin: no acne, one pimple, Asian skin.
Religion: Indian
Face shape: oval
Avery (80421)
13 days ago
I got beautiful but I don’t think this quiz is very accurate
Ifra (95737)
14 days ago
I got average jane and that definetely suits me
Certificate: Test results
How Pretty Are You? (Girls Only)
1001You're what most people consider “an average Jane:” You blend in well among your peers, and you are fairly pretty. You probably won't ever sign a modeling contract, but you have confidence and style, and you know it. People respect you for being yourself, and they recognize you as the confident, attractive girl you are.
i can add a pic i am not beautiful
iwillruletheworldsomday (70036)
15 days ago
I got 'average jane'. I don't think i am average, though this might be because i think i am the best person in the world.
Jessica (48743)
16 days ago
I don’t really think I am pretty, when they said in the quiz “hello gorgeous!” For my answer, thought this was a hoax. My self astern is extremely low bc I am fat, ugly, and pretty DUMB. I can’t to the simplest of things so I don’t rlly like my answer to the quiz.
Smartestinschool (85333)
17 days ago
Why does every test assume blondes are more attractive than brunettes? Veronica dunne isn’t more attractive than zendaya.
The emoest kid in school (78352)
18 days ago
I dont know how or exactly WHY I got GORGEOUS I AM FREAKING OUT AHHHH
Nevin (31214)
18 days ago
I think I might care more about what people think of me then I do of myself, what do I do?
Smartestinschool (85333)
19 days ago
I have been called gorgeous. I also switched from average math to pre-algebra. I came in fourth place in the spelling bee. I just won an art competition. There is more too me than my looks
Smartestinschool (85333)
20 days ago
I am In sixth grade.
.. (12930)
21 days ago
Hi, Smartestinschool!
I also got average, even though I feel VERY pretty. But don't let some test bother you! Keep your confidence and you chin UP, Dont worry about what this TEST thinks!