How Pretty Are You? (Girls Only)

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It's been said that everyone is beautiful, inside and out - but in which ways do you stand out from the crowd, looks-wise? Don't write yourself off if you don't look like a Barbie doll, or a Kardashian or a Jenner. Everyone has her own unique type of beauty. If you'd like to find out how much of a stunner you are, take this quiz!

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    What color eyes do you have?
    What color eyes do you have?

Comments (236)


A GIRL (72066)
27 days ago
Yeah right I'm average joe 😒
All other tests say I'm pretty but not super hot so this test is not the best
Amber (50922)
28 days ago
I am now " abnomally pretty"????????? I mean I get that but stilllll. I honestly think i am average and "many people would kill to be you"??????? this is so weird but ill take it.
Kim taehyung (37954)
29 days ago
Apparently I’m an average joe 😑
Misty (79320)
33 days ago
Hello ego boost!

Hello, gorgeous! (sorry that sounded weird ) You may not have the best style, but you have some distinct unique features, and you are “abnormally pretty.” Not weird, but unique. You enjoy people commenting on your impressive looks, but you don’t strive for perfection and you don’t aim to please others, you please yourself. You are a charming, dazzling person, and many people would kill to be you. You are the perfect combination of beauty and brains, and you know that.
Bella (12682)
37 days ago
Pffft... I'm ugly af
Unknown (16950)
37 days ago
Why do you lot put your results on this yet for all I know you could be the ugliest on the planet .who cares about how you look because the only thing someone should be judged on is their personality.
Kenda (31288)
40 days ago
Ok so it said a lot of negative things about me thx even tho i pop out in ads now so yeah thx alot 😑
Katie (94775)
42 days ago
I lied about everything so I can see the results say "you're extremely pretty" just for the lol
Jaziel-ios are good for spaggetios (05482)
44 days ago
But I already knew I look like a disfigured smashes rock👌
Lacey (25719)
45 days ago
“The definition of perfect. Model-worthy looks”
Like, I think I’m ok? But not anywhere close to perfect lol.😂😂
Boost for self esteem tho😂
G.A (22989)
49 days ago
They said I am average Joe but I am sure my Indian face looks uglier than anyone.
Kaitlyn (63343)
57 days ago
I'm so beautiful
Take that McKenzie
Kaitlyn (63343)
57 days ago
Oh snap I'm gorgeous
Maria (92071)
58 days ago
I am average Joe that do not make since.
Sophia (38143)
58 days ago
I’m normal what the heck does that mean
Lol what even (34719)
59 days ago
I am "abnormally pretty"...
ok? 😂
Nice test (82074)
61 days ago
Average Joe
I am Ok.with this
I took this test for fun lmao 😂😂😍😍
Melissa (44131)
63 days ago
Irrevelant you are beautiful just the way you are never forget that , you are so worthy of love and whoever doesn’t think that way is wrong , and hey! Weird Is the new Beauty
no one (58229)
64 days ago
"average joe" sums me up quite well tbh ahha
hANNAh (49821)
66 days ago
hEY Scarlett, if you love him let him know, you never know, he might have a crush on you too. I had a crush on this guy in hs and wasn't bold enough to tell him, he transferred and I saw him years later and he reffered to me as his 'ex-gf', he said we were dating in his head(you know high schoolers) which was creepy but if only I came forward we could have made it work. I finally told him I had a crush on him that day, he smiled and asked if I wanted to be friends, I said 'sure' and we took it one step after the other(still going strong)..Long story short, kinda let him know.