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Which Twilight person are you?

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So you think you are a Twilight character? Take this quiz to find out which one!

  • 1
    Which character is Bella's Fiance in Eclipse?
  • 2
    Which character saves Bella from depression in New moon?
  • 3
    Which character almost kills Bella in Twilight?

  • 4
    Which Twilight characters sparkle?
  • 5
    Which character is a werewolf?
  • 6
    Which character takes Bella hostage in Eclipse?

  • 7
    Which book is Laurent killed in?
  • 8
    Which evil character is still alive all the way through New moon?
  • 9
    Does Bella become a vampire eventually?
  • 10
    Which book does Jacob find his imprint?

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