Which military branch should you join?

Developed by: Scott

Will it be Navy or Army? What about the Air Force or Marine Corps? Or Coast Guard

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Shawn (33846)
20 days ago
Coast Guard! Time to stop drug traffickers!
i (17235)
32 days ago
The navy knew it! navy seal here i come!!
emily (30972)
33 days ago
air force all the way.
oKtaveus (85702)
39 days ago
70% Marine at heart! OOHRAH!!!
hi (00249)
40 days ago
Oohrah!!! 80% Marine. USMC all the way!!
Tyler (97769)
42 days ago
I was 50% Army and 50% Marine but I want to go to the Marine Corps. Oorahh!!!!
katie (56865)
47 days ago
I feel for you Asher, My results were 40% Navy and I pick Air Force to!
Vinny (72430)
62 days ago
Ooh rah got Marine after 60%
Vinny (72430)
62 days ago
I got army 50% I don’t know what else tho because it only gave me 50%
Elizabeth (39583)
67 days ago
It told me I was 50% Marine...but wouldn't tell me what the other 50% was lol!
Jesse (03329)
70 days ago
Got 60% Army man at heart
natalie (77253)
71 days ago
I got Coast Guard!
Mr. Larkin (73217)
78 days ago
I got Air Force! Flying planes does sound preety dope!
Seth (52212)
79 days ago
I got 50% Marine!
David (76251)
84 days ago
Ayo! Marines! Love those savages
hippster 123 (54228)
105 days ago
marine corps is da best solum and true
It's ya boi (74872)
106 days ago
I'm so confused... I got %30 marine and %30 army... It said my results were unclear...
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cameron (04000)
112 days ago
airbone infantry ranger
Asher (73079)
114 days ago
??? I have taken this test three times and gotten Navy for every single one! It doesn’t make sense because each time I took it I am pretty sure I answered for Air Force.
Ryder (73079)
114 days ago
Got 50% Navy and the other half was USMC. I gotta admit, I do like guns and boats. But if I have to be honest, USMC all the way oorah