Which Book Character Are You Most Like?

Developed by: Kait

Find out which character you would be if you were the main character in a book!

  • 1
    You are faced with a serious problem. You and a friend both like the same guy! When he asks you out, what do you do?
  • 2
    Lunch time! What do you eat?
  • 3
    To you, mystical creatures are...
  • 4
    What do you wear to your prom?
  • 5
    What's your favourite part about school?
  • 6
    Which Disney Princess do you find yourself most like?
  • 7
    What's your favourite kind of weather?
  • 8
    What's your favourite subject in school?
  • 9
    Do you even LIKE reading?
  • 10
    You'd probably end up with a guy with...

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