Is your crush boyfriend material?

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For all girls..

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    Do you know the number of girlfriends that your crush has had in this past year?

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442 days ago
Answer: Maybe. Wait and see.
Me: Well, that wasn't helpful.
My Friends: What was your answer?
Me: *shows them*
My Friends: Okay, WE'LL be your quiz instead. Any questions?
Me: Yep. Does he like me?
My Friends: YOU ARE SUCH AN 🚔, GIRL!
Me: What?
My Crush: *comes over and waves, then starts talking to me*
My Friends *raise their eyebrows*
Me: Ohhhhhh
563 days ago
Test tells me to ask him out*
Me: he doesn’t like me tho
Him: stares at my eyes when I talk, laugh, smile*
My friends: u dumba$$
608 days ago
Answer: Yes. Go ask him out.
Me: what? That’s it
807 days ago
Well it said hes good now they're together(I did this test for my cuz btw) and now everyday shes sad and wakes up and secretly cryy so no hes not a good match
And i dont think most of these question can decide if your crush is boyfriend material cuz anyone can faje anything
But can someone tell me their results and if it worked out.and yes im a real person not a bot😌🙋🏾‍♀️
1003 days ago
my crush is a bad boy!