Does He Like Me? (A Quiz For Girls)

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Hey girls - we ALL want to know if that guy we like likes us too, right? Well, all you have to do is take my quiz, and you'll know! Good luck and have fun!

  • 1
    What is your relationship with him?
    What is your relationship with him?
  • 2
    Is he going out with someone?
  • 3
    Does he call/Has he called you?
  • 4
    Do you ever catch him looking at you?
  • 5
    Has he ever complimented you?
  • 6
    Have you hung out (outside of school)?
  • 7
    If he's had a girlfriend or a crush, do you and she share the same qualities?
  • 8
    Have you heard someone say he likes you?
  • 9
    What type of person is he?
  • 10
    Which seems most like the kind of question he would ask you?
  • 11
    When he sees you in the hallways, what does he do?
  • 12
    Which of these most seems like something he'd give you?
  • 13
    Which of these is the most contact you've had with him?
  • 14
    Have you been to his house?
  • 15
    What has he called you?
  • 16
    How many relationships has he been in?
  • 17
    Who mostly starts the conversations?
  • 18
    If he catches you looking at him, what does he do?
  • 19
    How do his friends act around you?
  • 20
    Has he ever teased you?
  • 21
    How much do you have in common with him?
  • 22
    Where do you usually see him?
  • 23
    What is his body language around you?
  • 24
    What do you think you will get on this test?
  • 25
    Did you answer these questions truthfully? (If not, your result might not be accurate.)

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15 days ago
My result was that he's right on the edge and he needs a little push. I think my best friends loves me but I'm not sure if I do back..
25 days ago
UPDATE: So he definitely likes me and we’re together now.
39 days ago
Aahhh help
Ok so there’s this one guy and we met in the beginning of 8th and we’ve been friends ever since (We’re in 9th now) we don’t have any classes together so we always talk at lunch. We have a lot in common like music, morals, humor, etc. So anyways he always makes jokes that we should be together because we have so much in common. And another thing is that we have very impromptu staring contests, I’ve never won one, but i still try. any time we’re eating lunch or something if we look at each other it’s an unspoken rule that we can’t blink. But the thing is is that he knows that he will win like every time, but he says things to fluster me and make me blink. This one time we were staring and he suddenly leaned as close as he could to my face and said that I looked cute in my jacket, like WhAt Am I sUpPoSeD tO dO? And like last week on Friday he came over to me and my friends with all of his Halloween candy and offered some to all of us, so we all took like one and resumed our conversations, so now he’s standing next to me and all of a sudden I feel him give me a hug from where he’s standing and he starts to say stuff like “amelia, your pretty cute” or like “amelia, I really like you” but he’s like saying all if this in front of all of my friends and only one of them knows that I like him and she’s like having a heart attack. Anyways so I’m walking him and one of my other friends to biology cause they have it together and biology is in the way to English (the class I have) and when we get close to the door he momentarily stops to talk to one of his friends so i walk my other friend inside and say goodbye, I come out to say bye to him and go to English. He asks for a hug ( which is normal for him to do) so I hug him, and when he pulls away he kisses me on the cheek and walks into biology.
I’m like 94% sure he likes me, can yalls tell me if I’m right
Maybe he’s just a really close friend
Maybe he’s not and he likes me
40 days ago
mine is a harder situation because if the 5 main girls in my class knew i liked him then they would judge me and make fun of me and exclude me so much more and it would make classes a lot more 💗. He kinda looks like he likes me based on body language and small bits of eye contact and smiling and stuff... but its really sad because he looks like he likes this other girl in class whos kinda thicc and actually has💗and he pays attention to her and stares whenever she talks, he trys to talk to her and catch her eye and make jokes at her but she doesnt like him, so i honestly dont know what to do.
57 days ago
i don’t know if this guy likes me
69 days ago
HELP ME!!! Yeah I think he likes you. But of course, I don’t know you or him so I can’t really say definitely.
72 days ago
ALso he does "tease" me but sometimes he does that with a few people occasionally. It's his personality but it kind of seems like he does it more with me?? ok idk what to do!!
72 days ago
So He is a year younger than me and we play sports together in school (it's like we compete against other schools together) i am the team captain, and he is really good and we tease and mock each other all the time. He says my name in a VERY thick french accent even though his normal voice is COMPLETELY different. He has complimented several times about me being a good leader and player. He smiles at me when he walks past most of the time and says my name loudly a few times in public.when we are training, he is usually partners with me and always teases playfully and makes me laugh a lot. Once i fell over and grazed my leg when i was GA and he was GD and i still played but asked if i could play goal shooter instead of goal attack because you run less and when he saw me swap he swap to goal keeper for the other team so he could defend me. He would look at my leg and ask if i was ok and when i said i was fine in a bored tone, he started playfully chasing me to make me feel happy. he is really sweet but once in a game he saw a player from the other team and told me that she apparently had a crush on him because he knew someone who knew her. I was defending her and she talked about him a lot during the game. While he was intercepting the ball, he accidentally tripped over his player and she had to go off and he looked guilty so i said it wasnt his fault and asked if he was ok. he looked at me sadly and nodded. That half he played well but didnt look as happy. during the break i told him that the girl who apparently had a crush on him, definitely did and he nodded glumly and after that we played and every time during the game that he would look at me it was as if he was trying to tell me something. I kept asking if he was ok because he he fell over twice in the game (no graze just a trip) he would say i am fine and tell me to play in a normal but not joyful tone like usual. Afterwards he might tease me a little but he just lay down during the second game (we didnt have two games that week) it was hot so i assumed it was heatstroke but i dont know if it was me and that girl. when we were walking to the bus to drive us back home, we played a bit when i was trying to get the captain's book from the box that he was carrying cos we were both helping out. He would look at me and he almost acted normal again. But then he might zone out in tiredness later on while he was sitting down with his friend waiting for the bus. He would look at me and we'd keep eye contact multiple times on the bus and trying to catch each other's gaze as there were people in the way. I dont know what to do. I am leaving the school at the end of the year, i only have 2-3 months and he is a year younger and i am not going to the local high school. I have REALLY STRONG feelings for him but i dont know how he feels. Also our sport against school has ended so we might meet up to play if the teacher lets us but other than that we'll just past each other during break and stuff. Plus he's always with his friends and me too.
89 days ago
He's right on the edge! He might just need a little push, and you will have him wrapped around your finger! Good luck! I hope it all works out!
99 days ago
I see him everyday at school,in year 5 i mostly see him staring at him,or he sees me but he sees me and smiles at me or just continues with his work and does eye contact a bit.Now that i am year 6 and we aren't in the same classroom i still see him and he can't directly look me into my eyes.Everytime i play a game he sometimes joins too and talks a bit to me.Does he likes me?
101 days ago
Hmm. What do you think you should do? I think that for the most part morals, religion, nationality, and age don't matter in love.
101 days ago
There's a guy I like but I'm not sure how he feels about me. We've met about a year ago at Sunday School, but we just started to become friends a couple of weeks ago. We text on Snapchat and he always initiates the conversation first. But I have a huge problem because he says the N-word but he's Asian. Should I continue to pursue him even though our morals are not the same?
106 days ago
Hi everyone! If your against any type of abuse then please repost this message onto another quiz! Hopefully we can make everyone who do these quizzes aware that abuse and violence is never good!
Thank you for your time and I hope you all have a great day because you are wonderful and beautiful!
127 days ago
Emma don't be afraid 2 have feelings 4 someone
130 days ago
Emma-yup sounds like he definitely does. But the question is. Do you like him? If so go for it!
130 days ago
Yup, he likes you. Emma
177 days ago
So I had to do my handprint on the wall in school and this other girl did it for everyone but then she was gonna do it for me but then he said "I'll do it" and I put my hand in the paint then he put his hand over mine and pressed down and then he took my hand and put it on the wall and then put his hand on it again. He always looks at me and smiles at me and he made a nickname for me and we're not even in the same yeargroup, He's 2 years older than me. Someone help does he like me or not?
195 days ago
You didn't give me a chance to see I didn't need to take this test we already boyfriend and girlfriend
217 days ago
I met my crush, I'll call him Panda cause that's his nickname (except its in Chinese), we met 4 months ago in one of my art classes. We instantly connected over k drama and we were friends ever since, I started having a crush maybe since last month, we hang out at least once a week, we text every day almost 24/7 except if he has to work or he's busy. We always share food as we both like to cook, and I always have to bring the sriracha for him XD, He always teases me (especially about how I hate bell peppers, we even came up with this dumb thing about if he threw them at me if I would be fast enough to run away/chase him and knock him down, so he had a race and he won) sometimes he takes me stuff and I have to chase him around to get it back and just say 给我吧!/give it to me!. (we interchange languages between Chinese and English) We always buy stuff for each other and I'm always so happy around him, all my friends think "why are you not dating yet" and my sister thinks we're together even though we're not.
225 days ago
I've been friend with my crush, K, since 6th grade (11th now), and I've liked him for a few years, actually. He teases me a lot and it seems almost flirty (taking my stuff, putting his clip tie around my neck and dragging me around, etc. Etc) I think he may have feelings for me, but idk, and I'm too afraid to ask cause hes had awful experiences with girls confessing for him, then stalking him afterwards, so yeah, that's my situation