Love Or Crush? For Girls Only

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Like most people, you like someone - but have you ever wondered if it's love or just a crush? If you've ever asked yourself, "Am I in love with my crush?" this quiz will help you find out once and for all.

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    What do you usually do when you see him?

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Danica (47837)
May crush name is ian
Zuleyka (56542)
2 days ago
My crush's/senpais name is Nathan 😍
Zuleyka (56542)
2 days ago
River its ok im sure thete is a quiz out there ;P
river (39385)
12 days ago
I got the highest score I could get, I know I am in love with him, I'm a boy, but there's no quizes for gay people, anyway, I love you tanner>.< (~.^)ㅠ.ㅠY.Y:P
Athena (64568)
36 days ago
I Have a Crush on him Because when he was my First Classmate He does not bully me Like my other class mates -_- and it really made me Comfort At Class and Like him More He is Super Talented and Smart But there is a Probelm with this Quiz It does Not have We are not friends But were Normal Classmates It does not Have choices for me at all Other Quiz said Loving in a secret way and some say just friends But what the hell . You two may have a crush going, but things may not work out. Sorry." Weird But were so Close together But not Close friends! ;-;
Ehh... (46151)
39 days ago
Definite? I knew that... but it's a bit odd because I've never really thought of it as a crush... I had an anxiety attack when he first talked to me... It was so bad. But I already know he doesn't like me (He likes one of my friends) so what even is the point, might as well just carry on... but something wont let me let go of him and it kinda feels like something is just crushing me... Ooohh Now I get it... Well then. Good luck to anyone. Have a great week :3
Charlotte (14426)
46 days ago
Apparently I'm in 'love'. Its news for me but I don't really see him often. His name is Logan, and I was instantly attracted to his personality. I think we have a chance but I think I'm gonna have to ask him out because he's so shy. Ugh. Should probabbly go do it now. Wish me luck!
Arg (21163)
84 days ago
Arg! I want to tell my crush I like him, but I can’t! 1) It would ruin our friendship 2) My bff likes him and I don’t want to be disloyal 3) It is my first and last year at this school and 4) I won’t see him ever again. HELP ME!!! I think of him, I daydream of him, and I sit next to him.
Mini Becky G (32401)
104 days ago
"You got 72-102 points. You two may have a crush going, but things may not work out. Sorry." WHAT?!?! I took a different quiz to see if i liked/loved him and it said i loved him. Ever since then I've been feeling different. One time in Reading, he was looking up a word in the dictionary [our assignment was something with dictionaries. Plus i was the only girl in the group. 2 boys and 1 girl] and he came to the word "CONDOM" then he showed the other boy and he said "Dude your nasty" then he said "What? We're gonna need to learn how to use them." I know it was just a joke, but ever since he said that, i just cant STAND the thought of him with a different girl. It's almost the last day of school and still haven't told him how i felt. I want to do it on the day before the last day of school. 1. So i can see his reaction and 2. So i wont spend the rest of my life wondering what would've happened because im changing schools next year. HELP!
fabulous_frog (85766)
111 days ago
Well, I apparently have a massive crush .... as if I didn’t know that already. It’s not like I can ever be with them anyway, so fml 👍🏻
Schrodinger's cat (07148)
113 days ago
134-164 points. "I have a huge crush and am most likely heading further." Well, 💗. I'm planning on telling him I like him on Monday (three days time)... wish me luck.
Flyer In love (54171)
116 days ago
It says I’m in love!! I don’t know if he likes me or not, but we talk all the time and we’re both cheerleaders so he bases me all the time cause I’m a flyer and he always smiles at me. The only problem is that I’m 15 and he’s 18, but age doesn’t matter to me or him I dont think. He’s always super sweet and it’s not just like I think he’s cute, I like all of him:)
Chante2208 (78718)
120 days ago
Just a crush WTH why!!!!!!! I think I’m in love not a crush I’m sad now 🙁😭
dead rose (19095)
120 days ago
"You got 40-71 points, you probably aren't right for each other. He probably doesn't like you back. I'm sorry. Remember to judge people from the inside and not just the outward appearance."
well, I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me anyways :/
R. (64139)
124 days ago
Just a crush... probably true, he doesn't even know I exist. But I feel all fluttery when I think about him.
Gia Ava Pado (18357)
127 days ago
Now i knew that my feelings is not a love.(^-^;(-.-)
Keepuwithme (92656)
152 days ago
We 2 got a crush going
hopeless romance (32530)
152 days ago
yea...sure... 'just' a crush...
inlove:):):):) (44129)
158 days ago
this is supid i thought i was in love i took this so you can tell me i was in love
jasmine (72521)
161 days ago
I know that i love him really