Love Or Crush? For Girls Only

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Like most people, you like someone - but have you ever wondered if it's love or just a crush? If you've ever asked yourself, "Am I in love with my crush?" this quiz will help you find out once and for all.

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    What do you usually do when you see him?

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7 days ago
I’m a girl who likes a non-binary person but OF COURSE I gotta roll with the Hetero norms of our society. But yeah I’m a lot in love
29 days ago
my crush is the first boy who has ever made me cry and I honestly think I might be in love with him(ino that sounds cheesy)
44 days ago
Sorry ,but i am not interested this game but no ment. Its nice
45 days ago
ugh i need advice. (ok so first off im a girl, the name i chose is just one if our inside jokes). So first of all he was dating my friend last year but she was just using him. they hate eachother now, and my friend says its ok if i date him. i dont think be likes me, but all my friends do, and they’ve been wanting me to ask him out for a very long time. In class my friend kept saying “turn around and do it, its a dare” (i got dared to ask him out)( he was sitting behind me). In the next class i overheard him and his friend talking about it and i said “its just a stupid dare” and he got all weird about it and won’t talk to me now! plz help!!!!!
54 days ago
I’m gay. It is not a him. Please, change this. Not everyone is a him/her either. plez
64 days ago
I got 165-195, heheheh. I have been in love with him for 5-6 months, aaand I still am :3
70 days ago
I got 103-133 points. That means I have a crush on him but it makes me sad cause I know he will never feel the same. He’s a good looking guy who knows how to make me smile and he is the only person I actually started opening myself up to at work. Having a crush at work probably isn’t the best thing since it could be awkward. As a joke someone said that he liked me and of course he went along with it. So I have no idea if he likes me or he is just being nice to me :(
74 days ago
I got 103-130 points. So, i have a crush on him and now I'm devastated because i thought that i just liked him. He's a good looking guy and he will do so much better than me. I have liked him for over 5 years. And i know that i am nothing but a good friend to him. But still..... He makes me so happy. Even my past relationships couldn't make me forget him.

When we first met each other we hated each other. Like we were after each other's necks and that continued till 5 years ago.

Sometimes i wish that i could go back to hating him. But then i see him and remember everything that i adore about him. The things that irritated me at first are the things about him that i cherish the most.

I am hopeless. I don't know what to do. Pray for me.
102 days ago
I have a crush to but he is unfortunately moving and it has made me i little depressed. I am scared that if he tell s me that he like me, it will hurt even more but if he doesn't tell me, it will hurt me to know that we could have had a good friendship even if he doesn't like me. But since he is moving he most likely will loose touch with me and I will probably start our coversations.😢thanks for listening. I really needed to let it off my back
103 days ago
Well. He is one year older to me. He is my senior at college. I really want to talk him, and each time I go, I get nervous and back off! He definitely knows about me, but I think he doesn't know what I feel for him.
103 days ago
You guys. I can't deal. Whenever I'm not near him, I feel like nothing is right and then when I am near him all I can do is breath a sigh of relief. it's awful. I know he doesn't like me but I still like him and I don't even know why....Like, we went on a group trip to a café and all I could do was look at the clock and bounce by leg. I literally ran back to school (the café is right next to my school) and into the building to see him. It's a problem.
103 days ago
Ok... So I like my crush for more than 3 months... and it just been 2-3 days. I think he's trying to give me hints that he is interested in 😍 .
When I was talking with my friend *about how was your exam, he's a boy btw* I like him as a Friend
And after that when i came up to my friend "girl" she said that he was looking at you.
Is that means he's jealous??
Ok.. I'm not being a despo.. 😉😑Thanks for reading this... Sorry for my English it is really bad
107 days ago
He is one year older than me.He is my senior in school .I like him from the first day i saw him. It’s been 1 n half year now and my feelings for him are just getting stronger.He also likes me and i can see this in his eyes but we’ve never talked and i am not even interested.I don’t know why sometimes i just feel like I don’t like him anymore but the next day i see him and I’m in love again. I don’t know what is happening😢😪
109 days ago
Hey jake myhere if for some reason ur reading this I want ur to know that I’m deeply in love with u and ur my first crush I never felt this way for any one else but u to me ur a everlasting flame that burns in my heart and the only way it’s turned off is if u don’t love me the way I do jake will u continue my flame or burn it out and leave me in depression anotherwards do u love me also when I gaze in ur beautiful blue eyes if I dive in I feel I will never come out again
~love Lauren
111 days ago
I already know he dosen’t like me....its preety cute...but i think i need to forget him...will be so hard...but i need..
All the time i think about him...but its getting more and more hard to hide i like him...only a time his friends say i like him...🤦🏼‍♀️ a day i was moving my head A MILISECOND to see him the last time in that day...and i trip...why? you know what i say ? Comment ! Sorry for apending your time reading this ❤️ (Sorry i say so many times “i like him”)
127 days ago
My love is pure. It doesn't need any parameters to prove. Even psychologists say that a crush over a time of four or five months is said to be love. 😍😍😘
127 days ago
Ok so I’m going to ask this have any of you ever had a crush on someone you really shouldn’t (like he’s older or something) and you know he doesn’t like you back but every time you talk to him and he smiles at you are laughs you just well it’s hard to explain you can just talk to him it’s so easy but at the same time you’re a nervous wreck? I mean I have this huge crush on a guy and he’s 8 years older than me so I really need your help. Please help me
135 days ago
I got 103-133 points. thanks dear 😊😊
150 days ago
You got 103-133 points. You have a definite crush, but it isn't yet love. Don't get down on yourself, though - this is a pretty good score. And it's just a test, so I'm just guessing at things.
153 days ago
May crush name is ian