Sonic Personality Quiz!

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It's Black Pear! I wanted to do one of these for AGES, and I finally got to do one~! All characters of SEGA

  • 1
    How do you spend your alone time?
  • 2
    Someone insults you, how do you take it?
  • 3
    You have a crush, how do you treat that, private or not?

  • 4
    Your favourite food?
  • 5
    You bake some cookies, who are they for?
  • 6
    You win a holiday for 2, who do you take?

  • 7
    In the future, what do you mostly want to happen?
  • 8
    This quiz is almost over! How do you feel?
  • 9
    What's your main goal in life?
  • 10
    Final question! Did you like this quiz?

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