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How To Know If That Boy You Like, Likes You!

12.37 % of users had this result: He might like you, which would be a great thing. But he could also be playing you. I'd hate to think so, but it happens. Some guys are really good at seeming to care but just want to see how many girls they can make crush on them. Watch out! If you hang back and watch closely, the truth will eventually be revealed.

32.27 % of users had this result: He likes you! AWESOME! Congrats. There's only one little problem - he just isn't sure if YOU like him. That's easily solved - just let him know that you do! If you're shy, then you can write it in a text or email. You could try body language, smiles, and other non-verbal cues, but he might miss them.

15.61 % of users had this result: I hate to be this blunt, but you need to hear it from someone who cares - he sounds like a jerk. Either that, or you need to take more interest in getting to know him, because he doesn't really seem to like you. That said, it could be like I said, that he doesn't know you well enough to have developed any positive feelings yet. If that's the case, then try building a friendship first. Good luck!

39.75 % of users had this result: He most likely doesn't like you. I'm really sorry to say it, and I hope you don't take it personally or get down on yourself. The good thing is, now you can stop spending time wishing for him when the right guy is still out there. Good luck! I hope you find the right one soon, and please don't feel terrible. A relationship with someone who isn't totally into you is a waste of your time - and you deserve so much better, believe me.