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Republic Clone Training II

29.01 % of users had this result: You are a true commander. Capable of leading a full battalion, you do not need to fear that you won't make the right decisions when it comes to your troops. Morale will be high, and many soldiers will try to follow in your footsteps. "Commander on deck. Attention!"

26.09 % of users had this result: As an Advanced Recon Commando, it will be your objective to not only fight in situations requiring your skills, but to negotiate and interact with the locals on missions. With the power to straighten out and dispute, get your hopes high as you climb to the top of the ranks!

9.31 % of users had this result: You are the Reaper to any "clunker"! As a Heavy trooper, it is up to you to punch a hole in the enemy line, and break the tanks into. Take out that cannon and scrap the clunkers in waves as thy come at you head on. No'll wipe them out!

14.42 % of users had this result: Bomb the enemy from above! Angels of the sky! You're a true clone pilot! Designed for cockpit collisions with the enemies of the air. Battle the star-fighter droids and nail them as if they were hovering still. Don't mess with the wings of death!

21.17 % of users had this result: Clone security is tight these days and with a troopers like you it's going to be even tighter. Clone security troopers are ordered to take the shot for their superiors, but will your instincts, the assassin won't even load his weapon!