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Which Harry Potter Character Would You Date?

41.58 % of users had this result: Harry Potter! He is your perfect match! He is kind, loyal, thoughtful, and brave, not to mention really cute. Congrats you are perfect for each other.

3.78 % of users had this result: Ron Weasley is your man! You love to laugh and he can make you laugh till you pee your pants...congrats!

18.71 % of users had this result: Draco Malfoy is your significant other! He loves because you're gorgeous you love him because of money, social status, and angelic looks *wink, wink* although he probably cares more about himself than you, you probably care more about yourself, so you two will be perfect together, not caring!

27.4 % of users had this result: Remus Lupin is best for you...his great personality and dashing good looks make him quite a catch...just so you know he's a werewolf so stay away from him during full moons and you two will live happily ever after

8.53 % of users had this result: Sirius Black is your man! He's daring, bold, honest, and according to my friends really hot...he'll make you very happy...