How To Tell If One Of Your Girl-Friends Likes You

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Here's a quick little quiz to see if she likes you.

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    Do you have her number? And, do you text and or call her?

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phil (46457)
63 days ago
There is this girl who I am friends with and have known since 2nd grade and really like, but I don't know if she likes me back, we used to go to the same school, but that school closed last year when I was in sixth grade, and neither of us had phones at the time, now that I do have a phone I don't know what I should do the last time I saw her was about 2 weeks ago, but all I did was say hi because I had to leave and by the time I got back she had left, but the last time I actually spoke to her was in November, because her sister and my sister are friends so they came over.
zara (33080)
88 days ago
she probably likes you , but do one more thing to amaze her :/
Jared (94786)
89 days ago
Im a guy and my bestgirlfriend like so much yeah i mean it shes one of my type but shes not inside my heart we are 4 best friend good friends im the only guy in us all of them has a crush on me my crush was one of us so those two was to jealous i think so i lose my contact and we dont talk anymore about 4 yrs she is my bestestgirlfriend but sadly i didnt even see her for a yrs
Ashlyn (45851)
140 days ago
it didn't help at all. Who agrees.
Hey (99791)
154 days ago
I recently told my friend who I still sorta like that I like a girl and she said she not against it but she's not with it either. Idk what to do. She's moving in a couple months and I just keep feeling really depressed bc I love her as a friend, but then I also like her so I'm going to miss her a lot.
(∩⚆ ³⚆)⊃━☆゚.* Dawn (38618)
161 days ago
I am a girl.. I took this quiz because I like my friend, and I don’t know if she likes me back... but it says she probably does.. WHOOP.
-A (29275)
171 days ago
Oh and I’m a girl
-A (29275)
171 days ago
My best friend has a crush on me I don’t like her the same way and now she’s acting like I did something terrible for telling her I can’t push my feelings just to make her happy.HHHHHEEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPP!😫
Maria (86619)
185 days ago
I'm a girl. And I will freak out if myy guy friend tell me that he is in love with me
Alisse (00890)
186 days ago
I'm a girl and my guy friend likes me... HEEEERLLLLLLPPPPPP MMMMMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kimani H. (82029)
187 days ago
She says she doesn't like anyone, but she does stuff to make may friend and I believe she likes friend thinks she's hiding her true feelings..... what do you think??
becca (23690)
217 days ago
I'm screwed. she likes me. helppp
ari (81857)
483 days ago
uhhh some of the answers are not relateable
Kris (88696)
876 days ago
So what do I do now cause I already ansarred all the questions