How Does He Feel About ME? Quiz

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You like him, you really like him. "But how does he feel about me?" you could very well be wondering. Find out now - try my quiz!
It should at least give you a clearer idea of what's going on in your crush's mind. Try it out now!

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    Have you caught him looking at you before?
    (I choose to use the word looking instead of staring, because even if a guy likes you, he generally doesn't stare - after all, it IS kind of creepy.)
    Have you caught him looking at you before? (I choose to use the word looking instead of staring, because even if a guy likes you, he generally doesn&#

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200 days ago
well he skipped class w me, so we played football inthe corridor n then wehid outside, climed the fence and when we came back we were still in the playground and he took a piss on theground and told me to lookout for teachers and i think i caught feeling, he knows but he says we miqght end up dating in s joking way but we share drinks and stuff and he put his arm round me and people think were dating (including our friends and teachers)
437 days ago
With my crush, i think i have a chance😊. I'm pretty sure at some point he subtly asked if i was "single", we text waaay more often(I'll ask him if we can hang out at school and he can bring 1 friend and i'll bring 1 friend), we've known each other FoReVeR, my friends say he likes me, and i have the gut feeling he likes me back🥰🥰🥰
608 days ago
I’m in a special situation with this guy. Him and I are close, but not at the same time. We feel comfortable around each other but rarely talk or hang out, and now he is in two of my friend groups. We have this on and off thing I guess you could say, and we started to get kinda close again. I’ve seen signs of interest and he’s called me cute multiple times, but I am so confused 😩 he smiles every time I see him, he mimics the way I’m standing, he is always on his phone and he likes to tease me, he also is always asking about my relationship but only when it starts and a couple times within it.. I just don't get it ugh
686 days ago
Has he touched me? Well... inside my heart, deep down inside. But never In real life no.😪
852 days ago
This guy and I met last year. We met in a really cute way, bonding over music while in math class. Automatically, we became friends... Good friends. We talked about everything and anything. It was real nice, but then winter break came. Downhill it went. The virus came and when we got back to school, everything changed. Most of our interaction now is sidways glances and walking by while staring at our shoes. Trust me, masks do not help. I just want to know if anyone else agrees I should just try to move on.
880 days ago
He started msging me and teasing me about marriage with that way he everyday teased me....then later one night he said he likes me in saaree to kiss...then he felt I'm uncomfortable and he started saying sorry....and said it was not his way...but I really wanna know what he feels for me.
937 days ago
I hope its right!!! Because I really like him!!!!!!!
986 days ago
Ok, it must not have post so I’ll retype that long comment. FYl, this won’t be exactly the same cuz I have bad memory.

A lovesick gal in NC- Tell him! I’m surprised you haven’t already. Hopefully you did cuz it says you listed that comment 131 days ago. STOP THE GIFTS!!! Tell him at lunch/recess somewhere private or if you not so great with words and are terrified text or email him. If you want this completely private and don’t want the whole school to know do what I said. Like, I said this isn’t at all what I said before! If you don’t like my advice go on “Does He Like Me (middle/high school)” by Xena. Then say what you said on here. If you want amazing advice ask Maya a,k,a Dreamerteener, Little Miss Shy, Your Name: or citrus unicorn.
986 days ago
Oh, no! Why can’t I see what I posted!!! If anyone else see the comments section pls tell me if you can see this long-ish comment in response to A lovesick gal in NC!

Remember to stay safe and healthy,
Drama Queen
1117 days ago
OMG! I literally cannot keep my mind off him. He's not popular or anything, he's just this amazing, handsome dude! I like, stalk him on social media, even tho he doesn't post a lot. We are on the swim team together and I always catch him looking at me and smiling in the cutest way possible. I gave him a gift for Christmas and let him know that it was from a 'secret admirer' (My friend who's in a class with him, gave it to him. She said he nearly fainted. There was a love poem I wrote in there too.) About a week ago, after swim practice, I put a love letter on his car from a 'secret admirer. I wish I knew how he felt about me. I am DEEP in love with him!! Anyone got any advice PLEASE!!??
1150 days ago
I LOVE him!!! we talk every day, but yesterday i yelled at him and now I feel bad. :(
1160 days ago
When he was my class he always used to do all of the signs of a crush. This year, we are in different classes and we don't talk anymore. I get the feeling he used to like me but now is over me.
1526 days ago
He always smiled at me and we have LOADS of the same interests. His brother and sister think he likes me and that we should go out. I ov e him but I am not sure if he feels the same way about me. I think he does like me and the rest results confirm that! WHAT SHOULD I DO??? Please help!!!!
1526 days ago
What does a guy actually mean when he says a girl that her skirt is short? Is this thingy brotherly or something else? And what if he has a girlfriend but it seems he is in love with someone else?
1594 days ago
He acts weird around me and I feel he is only comfortable with me idk tho wuuytt
1806 days ago
I think he likes me, like deep deep down I think he likes me. He stares or looks at me a lot. Like, in class he'll glance at me a lot. If he is laughing at something or he says a joke, he will looks at me. He playfully pokes me and stuff. He blushes a lot when I near him and he is always smiling.