Does this guy like me?

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OK, so you like a guy and want to know if he likes you back. Are you just friends? Or is there something more? This quiz should help you decide what to do next and give you some good advice! It's pretty accurate, but it's up to YOU to make up your own mind!

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    So, you like this guy as more than a friend?
    So, you like this guy as more than a friend?

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8 days ago
I nearly bopped my crush on the head with a badminton racked once in doubles, ahah, ahah, eh, ehhhh. nvm,
18 days ago
It's funny, because I took this to see if he did, in fact like me, but I'm gay and I've told him this multiple times. And, ya know, the test says that I got good results, but it's pretty bad for me lmao...
21 days ago
They said maybe he likes me BUT EVERYDAY HE HANGS OUT WITH ME AND TELLS ME HE LIKES ME AND EVEN ONE DAY HE ASKED ME OUT...but I mean iTs ALltESt SOoooo🤷🏾‍♀️(There’s also other reasons but I really don’t feel like typing
37 days ago
He said he liked me but this quiz said it’s nit obvious...
52 days ago
Ok so this boy is across the country from me and i met him before and we dated and we still talk and send like that *cuddles or *kisses u stuff but idk if we r together what do i do???help me!!!
90 days ago
He likes me a lot we dated but we broke up and i want to get back with him forever
97 days ago
So he might like me? He totally likes me,
99 days ago
Yes i like him ever since he smuggled doritos into his back back, i do the same with my favorite stuffed dragon toothless i smuggle toothless to school. He acts like he likes me but I am heart broken because my Valintine was cheating on me and i thought he would never bale me like this :::(((. Tell me if its sad that if my own valentine made me sad by just cheating on me!!!!! I GAVE MY VALENTINE CHOCOLATE DINASOUR AND THIS IS HIS GIFT FOR ME IN RETURN!!!!! I really hope the boy i like asks me out. Respond if ya feel me sisters!
106 days ago
OMG! He might like me! I kinda like him...I seriously don't know.
108 days ago my crush’s BEST FRIEND likes me??!?
120 days ago
Wait you like Kyle?
As in the Kyle in History class right now?
120 days ago
This quiz has helped me get used to have my crush,Kyle around and we are getting along well,i hope he is the right match for me at Innovation Middle school.
138 days ago
My best friends crush asked me to sit on his lap today and also asked who is my daddy. He called my thicc last week too. Some please help me does this 💗 like me? He asks out girls for no reason but I think he likes me because I’m the only girl he treats this way. PLEASE HELP
141 days ago
I thinks he likes me a little but not a lot cause I’m the least likeable girl ever cause I’m ugly and fat and stuff so I just need to spend more time with him but I also have mixed emotions about him as well.
141 days ago
I got pretty good and that I have a chance if I spend alone time with him and stuff but I’m way too shy to do that cause I’m really shy...
154 days ago
Mistakes:all*. Third*
154 days ago
I’ve did about five quizzes and I got a he likes me but I’m shy and so is he so we just hang around like stubborn kids mostly because we’ve been friends for so long it’ll be weird to change (We’ve know each other from thrift grade to six grade
154 days ago
I am sooooo annoyed by this weird guy who keeps appearing out of nowhere! I don't like him! But the sad thing is- HE LIKES ME!!!!!
156 days ago
I realllllyyyy like this guy and he has the same interests as me and likes the same bands as me and stuff. The only problem is that he is my brothers best friend. He is a year older than me as well. He stares at me everytime I see him even tho he trys to hide it and he smiles really cutely at me. And whenever I talk to my brother he always comes up and says hi and trys to make me laugh. Nobody knows I like him because if my brother found out he would be mad at me. What should I doooo !!
161 days ago
So there is this kid in my class and my friends keep telling me that he likes me and then this super cute guy I have a crush on says that the kid who likes me actually does like me and he started talking about having stupid boners to his girlfriend and I got all star gasey and I did not know what to do because I really like another guy and the one kid I took the test on likes me so now I am all confused because I REALLY LIKE ANOTHER KID BUT HE ALREADY HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!! #does anyone have any suggestions to help?