Does This Guy Like Me?

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OK, so you like a guy and naturally, you would like to know if he likes you back. Are you just friends? Or is there something more there? This quiz should help you decide what to do next and give you some good advice! It's pretty accurate, but it's up to YOU to make up your own mind, of course!

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    So, you like this guy as more than a friend?
    So, you like this guy as more than a friend?

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24 days ago
He doesn’t go to my school because his family moves houses a lot. He is a family friend who talks a lot to me about geopolitics and stuff and he makes me laugh asks me how I am and what i like. He’s a year older than me and moves houses a lot, but I think I like him. He might like me or maybe not. I also don’t know if he has a girlfriend, probably not cause he’s kinda shy. He sometimes looks me in the eye and we both blush and look away. He’s really smart, cute funny kind and really cool. Anyway, I’m not sure if he likes me or not (I hope he does) and if he has a girlfriend or a lot of things like that. I should probably leave run more but I’m pretty shy. We are both oldest siblings with younger annoying brothers and we hang out together when our families are together. Anyway I’m crushing 😳
55 days ago
Sorry the comment that said Alissin as the name is the wrong name that's one of my best friends named its supposed to be Brooklyn but I get called brooke
55 days ago
So I have this crush on this one boy, and ummm it's really complicated. He is funny, nice, we have the same friends except a few. He is soo hot. He is a football player and his brother is to. Except he is a few months younger than me with makes it hard if we ever dated bc who cares a guys who is younger. But we dated in like first grade and then broke up. Then we dated in fourth grade through fifth grade, but then his friends said that I was cheating on him with I wasn't. So he asked if I was and I said no. And recently I got a new friend who is going into 9th grade and I'm going into 6th and his friends said that they saw me kissing him a few days ago which of course I was hanging out with him that day. And so my boyfriend took his friends side instead of mine, like 💗. So only date a boy if he can trust u more than his friends. And then it's been like 7 months since we broke up and I still love him and he always says he still loves me and right now we are like sorta dating but sorta not bc we only see each other like every other week bc of covid19. I don't really know if we are still dating. I'm going to ask him in a few days of we are still dating and if we should wait till school is back before we keep dating. Kennon if you see this I just want to let u know that I love u.
109 days ago
I have a crush on this boy but I don’t know if he’s single or crushing
113 days ago
ok so there is a boy in my class and he is adorbs omg his name is harry love him soo much but he has a girl waaaa 😢😢😢😭😭😭
136 days ago
this guy is hawt and atractive and smart and funny and cute and blushfull and hot like you have no idea
226 days ago
I likw this boy.... He is amazingly cute u have no idea
269 days ago
my crush is funnier than that senior though
269 days ago
omg how have turtles survived since the beginning of time without vsco girls? *feins shock*

so this guy used to be my friend's crush for a couple weeks, but she's had 2 boyfriends since and would be totally okay if I liked him. but i dont like him, so well its okay. but hes rly cute, tall (6'' somthing) if u get over his nose and hes rly rly funny. and i think he may like me. he has been showing some signs (he knew my name before i knew his and tried to get me to sit with him before.)
but, my crush is actually this guy ive known since 2nd grade, crushed on since 4th, and now im in 9th and i think he likes me. also the first guy is a senior and my crush is my grade but about 6 months younger. my crush is a little chubby, suffers from acne, and even without that isnt rly cute. also my crush is only a few inches taller than me (im 5'2)

idk why, not trying to brag, 2 guys have asked me out, 1 asked for my instagram, many guys have had crushes on me, and now this senior? i think i actually love my crush for me to be this loyal

btw i dont hate turtles i swear
319 days ago
purr-leazzzzz! He's only messing about saying he likes me! There is no way! {OR IS THERE?!}
320 days ago
I'm not a girl but this one guy in my class is hella srsly-🔥also I'm black lol
349 days ago
good luck girls & know that u will meet the right boy very soon.or u already got one .💗x 💘((efuchsia)
357 days ago
U know Sam this test is a bit bonkers if your gay and it said this guy whoever it is likes u
357 days ago
Good luck girls I have it 💗💖💖
357 days ago
Sos I meant ces it's just I'm nervous to ask 'cute' out 💗
357 days ago
So this guy may like me let's call him 'cute', well anyway 'cute' is a jerk but a sweet one I don't know why I like him but I do. Anyhow sos few u will find someone 💗💖
367 days ago
I'm broken hearted... pity me
449 days ago
So I like this boy, let’s call him T, and the other day I was chatting with my friends and the football lands at my feet and he’s runs to get it, then as stands he back up he looks at me the whole time then smiled at me, then the next day I’m playing Netball my my Bff and he and his best friend come over and go we vs u and T says he wants to verse me and as I run to make a lead he is running towards me and he gives me a half hug 🤗 then when I’m lining up for class he says Hey G!!! And my bf goes hi and he says No one cares K!! Do u think he is interested?!?
457 days ago
Umm so this guy litterally hovers over me in class gives me food and is trying so hard but today he asked who I was going to formal with and I said my friends and then he said someone asked him and told me this for some reason. I’ve been getting signs this whole semester and then this. I don’t like him i just don’t wanna reject him too hard in case he likes me and if he doesn’t then yay.
458 days ago
Ummm so... for 2 he always talks to me, i never start the conversation like oml im like no