Does this guy like me?

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OK, so you like a guy, and you want to know if he likes you back? Are you just friends? Or is there something more...
This quiz should help you decide what to do next and give you some good advice! This quiz is pretty accurate, but it's up to YOU to make your own mind up about this guy!

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    So, you like this guy as more than a friend?

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Oml help (26497)
286 days ago
I got a boyfriend and he is still flirting with me and putting his arm round me and trying to kiss me he even hugged me but I pushed him back cause he is a huge nerd so helpppppp he's such a nerd though and I'm the bad girl at school and I got tough boyfriend who could beat him to the ground for flirting with me but I don't want him to get hurt after he helped me from a bully with a bit of help well a lot of help from my boyfriend and one works out and the nerd studies 😯😑😠😬😢😤😥😦😴😅😰😩😧😐😣😵😱😲😟😶😞😒for da nerd and my boyfriend ☺😊😀😁😃😄😆😇😉😛😝😜😳😙😍😎😚😘😎😎😎 by the way sorry for such a long text💩
I got a crush (26497)
286 days ago
He blushed when he looked at me and always teases me in kind way and is always showing off and keeps poking me I need to know better due as he love me he hugged me and then he blushed what does this meannnnn plz save me from him cause honestly I do not like him but he likes me and he keeps trying to put his arm round me when I talk to other boys
lover girl #13 (60406)
298 days ago
OMG this is so sad it said that he just want me as a friend and he is not that interested. BUT I LOVE HIM! :( :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
anyways i got to kiss him today... on the cheek through!
so i still think he likes me a bit cause yesterday i took a test like this one and it said he the one...WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!
Kaelyn (29347)
299 days ago
He loves me ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋😘😘😘😘💋❤️😘💋❤️😀😘😀😘😘💋❤️💋😘
unknown (98157)
305 days ago
..i took this test because I think my crushes friend likes me even though he knows who my crush is...if the test is accurate then he does I know my crush likes me but why his friend also ughhhhh I talk to them daily ,sit by them ect..........HELP ME
Riley (65066)
317 days ago
So there is this really really cute boy in the grade below me and he likes me...a LOT! (Prob more than I like him 😊) so I was outside for ressas and my best friend is going to ask him how much he likes me so of course I ran a sec later a turned around and saw him and my best friend were runing to me! My bff was telling me that he was following me. So where they lined up my other friend not my bff tho was saying here she is to him. 😡 And he did the I love you star at me and I accidentally did it to him 😖 So it is the Saturday now and all that happened yesterday. And I'm off tomorrow bc it will be Sunday and the next day is momral day so I'm off but....... I CAN NOT STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM!!! HELP
olivia (80959)
318 days ago
so there is this guy i my school. he's popular and im the loner tough girl that everyone hates. we have none of the same classes and the one time i tried to talk to him on social media he seemed very reluctant to talk to me. I it most likely that he doesn't like me but i cant stop liking him its been almost 2 years now.
Shygirl (82910)
346 days ago
I have a crush on this boy who goes to my church I'm positive he doesn't like me but I'm not sure and my friends keep blurting it out so he might know that I like him what should I say if he asks I just want to stay in the friend zone right now because I know he doesn't like me should I wait to tell him my feelings or should I tell him now I'm so confused with my feelings
SANishaA (66426)
430 days ago
basically, theres this boy ive liked for nearly 2 years now and recently we hve started to gt close. one of my bestfrends is close to hima nd he says that he really likes me and stuff but doesnt wanaa be in a relationship tilll were abit older. but he dealt and younger girl the same day so im confused. now hes broken up with her and keeps coming back to me. now idk what to do cuz i dotn want him to be using me. he makes me laugh and we have inside jokes and hug and touch quite often. and he gets really jelos when im with other boys aswell. theres only one problem tho- hes bestfriend likes me aswell and i think thats the reason why he aint getting closer anymore. i really dont know wat to do! are we meant to be?
eliza (60071)
434 days ago
i'm bffs with a guy who i think likes me, and in social studies today i sat by him and we always pick on each other it's just sometimes he says mean things about me and that makes me mad and sometimes i can barely stand him. What should i do if he says something mean about me.
ᑕᑌTE GIᖇᒪ (83674)
436 days ago
T̥ͦh̥ͦe̥ͦr̥ͦe̥ͦ's̥ͦ t̥ͦh̥ͦi̥ͦs̥ͦ g̥ͦu̥ͦy̥ͦ i̥ͦn̥ͦ m̥ͦy̥ͦ c̥ͦl̥ͦḁͦs̥ͦs̥ͦ t̥ͦh̥ͦḁͦt̥ͦ I̥ͦ r̥ͦe̥ͦḁͦl̥ͦl̥ͦy̥ͦ l̥ͦi̥ͦk̥ͦe̥ͦ, ḁͦn̥ͦd̥ͦ h̥ͦe̥ͦ ḁͦc̥ͦt̥ͦs̥ͦ l̥ͦi̥ͦk̥ͦe̥ͦ h̥ͦe̥ͦ l̥ͦi̥ͦk̥ͦe̥ͦs̥ͦ m̥ͦe̥ͦ, b̥ͦu̥ͦt̥ͦ I̥ͦ'm̥ͦ n̥ͦo̥ͦt̥ͦ s̥ͦo̥ͦ s̥ͦu̥ͦr̥ͦe̥ͦ i̥ͦf̥ͦ h̥ͦe̥ͦ d̥ͦo̥ͦe̥ͦs̥ͦ. I̥ͦ t̥ͦh̥ͦi̥ͦn̥ͦk̥ͦ m̥ͦy̥ͦ b̥ͦe̥ͦs̥ͦt̥ͦ f̥ͦr̥ͦi̥ͦe̥ͦn̥ͦd̥ͦ m̥ͦi̥ͦg̥ͦh̥ͦt̥ͦ ḁͦl̥ͦs̥ͦo̥ͦ l̥ͦi̥ͦk̥ͦe̥ͦ h̥ͦi̥ͦm̥ͦ ḁͦ b̥ͦi̥ͦt̥ͦ, b̥ͦu̥ͦt̥ͦ I̥ͦ d̥ͦo̥ͦn̥ͦ't̥ͦ r̥ͦe̥ͦḁͦl̥ͦl̥ͦy̥ͦ k̥ͦn̥ͦo̥ͦw̥ͦ f̥ͦo̥ͦr̥ͦ s̥ͦu̥ͦr̥ͦe̥ͦ. S̥ͦo̥ͦ I̥ͦ'v̥ͦe̥ͦ b̥ͦe̥ͦe̥ͦn̥ͦ t̥ͦḁͦk̥ͦi̥ͦn̥ͦg̥ͦ q̥ͦu̥ͦi̥ͦz̥ͦz̥ͦe̥ͦs̥ͦ ḁͦn̥ͦd̥ͦ s̥ͦt̥ͦu̥ͦf̥ͦf̥ͦ, ḁͦn̥ͦd̥ͦ i̥ͦt̥ͦ s̥ͦḁͦi̥ͦd̥ͦ h̥ͦe̥ͦ m̥ͦi̥ͦg̥ͦh̥ͦt̥ͦ l̥ͦi̥ͦk̥ͦe̥ͦ m̥ͦe̥ͦ, b̥ͦu̥ͦt̥ͦ I̥ͦ n̥ͦe̥ͦe̥ͦd̥ͦ t̥ͦo̥ͦ w̥ͦḁͦi̥ͦt̥ͦ ḁͦ w̥ͦh̥ͦi̥ͦl̥ͦe̥ͦ. I̥ͦ r̥ͦe̥ͦḁͦl̥ͦl̥ͦy̥ͦ h̥ͦo̥ͦp̥ͦe̥ͦ h̥ͦe̥ͦ l̥ͦi̥ͦk̥ͦe̥ͦs̥ͦ m̥ͦe̥ͦ! (´-﹏-`;)
Bethann (97827)
452 days ago
I have to tell him I like him TOMARROW I jut wanted to see my odds
Brian (99949)
474 days ago
I am working with M&C company customer service division basically call centre, wd work round the clock. We have multiracial staffs.
I had moved my portfolio now handling Thailand as the service provider.
I have 5 executives below as i am team leader. This guy ffom Thailand origin had been in the team his name is Porcshe Nirrat young in his 20's jovial and hardworking.
Lately he has been sitting beside me as i need to check on dajly reports pass one week he had been putting his hands in my thigh while talking and explaining the reports he had done. 2 days ago as i was standing beside him talking to other team mate, i felt like some one sniff my private part and giving my💗a soft touch. Our office attire is casual normally jeans and T-Shirt. I honestly been using my same black jeans withiout washing them so sometime now. Yesterday he did the same. I do smoke during break he would come to balcony and be there with me. Is he liking me he has this Gay Boy look well he good looking.
faith musenya (28785)
479 days ago
Were close friends and i was just wondering
Mariana (10534)
488 days ago
So their is this guy that I really like ... he is a year younger than me so right now I am in high school and me is still in 8th grade in my old school I only see him on Sunday at mass but I always like staring at him until he sees and I look down later I also but not so positive that he is also staring at me was about Christmas eve and I am an alter server at my church and I had to give out this ornaments and I have one to him and he hooked at me toht in the eye and said thank you but of course I did not respond ... I was so dumb ... later their was this like festive and I went without expecting to see him their and we had to go and eat and we sat in the same row of tables but he was in the other side with his family and i always saw him looking at my side of the table it was like he was looking at me .... as you can see I really like him and idk if he likes me back ...plz help
ᗩᑎOᑎYᗰOᑌᔕ (29998)
498 days ago
TᕼEᖇE Iᔕ TᕼIᔕ GᑌY Iᑎ ᗰY GᖇᗩᗪE ᗯE ᗩᖇE ᒪIKE ᗷEᔕT ᖴᖇIEᑎᗪᔕ ᗷᑌT, ᗯE ᗷOTᕼ ᒪIKE Eᗩᑕᕼ OTᕼEᖇ. ᗯE ᗩᖇE TO ᔕᑕᗩᖇEᗪ TO ᗩᔕK Eᗩᑕᕼ OTᕼEᖇ OᑌT ᕼE ᕼᗩᔕ ᗩᔕKEᗪ ᗰE ᗷᑌT IT ᗯᗩᔕ ᗩ ᗪᗩᖇE. I ᖇEᗩᒪᒪY ᒪIKE ᕼIᗰ ᗷᑌT ᗪOᑎT KᑎOᗯ ᗯᕼᗩT TO ᗪO.
Help me plzzzzz (15637)
498 days ago
So there is this guy and I started developing a slight crush on him at the beginning of the year then it started getting stronger everytime my friends talk about him and I thought that I had no chance because he was dating one of my best friends but when they broke up I stopped talking to him then I started liking him again but this time sooooo strong so one day I was walking and then his best friend was like steph he likes u he says hi in a really loud voice and then his best friend told his gf to tell me that my crush likes me and then he was lik jk but the guys was shouting in his ear and saying stuff like NO DON'T TELL HER STOPPP and I wanna ask him if it's true but I'm too shy and I wanna ask my friends for help but idk how to tell them
Shh (99739)
522 days ago
Bacically theres a guy i have never spoken to and he is in my friends clases, im not sure if he likes me or not because he is always being a jerk to my friend vut then when she is with me he doest say anything. He doest stare at me or anything like that but he does look at me sometimes. He is veryyyy cute tho. Im into him. Does he like me? Idk! What do i do to find out?????
Anonymous (24725)
530 days ago
So basically there is this boy in my math class and I always see out of the corner of my eye him looking at me or my class work , does that mean he likes me ?
Secret (49725)
538 days ago
There's this boy in a few of my classes who I don't really talk to but recently he has randomly started saying hey to me and trying to have conversations. Does he like me ?