Does your teacher hate you?

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Sometimes you feel so depressed when your teacher tells you off for something small like helping a friend. Trust me! I've been in the same situation before and sometimes it does really get you down. But does your teacher really hate you or does she just find you annoying?

  • 1
    Does he/she give you the "Evil Eye?"
  • 2
    How often do you get a detention or a white slip from him/her?
  • 3
    Do you arrive late at school often?
  • 4
    Do you hand in your homework early?
  • 5
    Do you distract people in class?
  • 6
    During your teacher's long, boring history lecture your friends around you are flicking around your rubber while you are (for once!) taking notes. Your teacher only looks up when you take it off them and put it away. He/she makes you stand up for the rest of the lesson. (Trust me! This has happened to me!: P)
  • 7
    Has your teacher ever caught you ONCE doing something you shouldn't and from the on jumped to conclusions that you are the troublemaker in your seating arrangement?
  • 8
    Do you ever switch off in class completely?
  • 9
    Does he/she dislike you or do you dislike them?
  • 10
    Do you log onto Google often to find out ways to annoy your teacher?

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Ameliya (06454)
17 hours ago
Me and my friend sit next to eachother and we were both playing with our hair. Thenn he yelled at ME! One day i also got a hard question wrong HE SCREAMED AT ME BUT WHEN THE OTHER KID GETS IT WRONG HE IS LIKE oh try again next time.
Cloe (61635)
14 days ago
50% my teacher loves me. 40% my teacher doesn’t mind me. 10% my teacher hates me
someone (25306)
17 days ago
ok so my teacher definitely hatesss meee. so anyway in class we were writing this 'teded" thing and mine is on insecurities. in my text i wrote something along the lines of ... you stare into the mirror and you start to list all the flaws that you see in yourself, you huge thighs, ur ginormous waist, you big nose, etc... you get the point. so anyway i go to her for approval and anyway she goes and says.. well girls that are 13 years old dont think about that stuff its stupid. and that rly hurt me cause i think about that stuff everyday. she legit told me i shouldn't say that and that i should talk about how "my makeup doesn't look good enough, or my hair" and i didn't say anything cause i knew if i did she would start screaming at me infront of the whole class so i just smiled and nodded to everything she said. later i asked EVERY SINGLE GIRL IN THE CLASS IF THEY THOUGHT ABOUT THEIR THIGHS, THEIR WAIST etc. and guess what they said YES. my teacher discriminates me in front of the whole class and i seriously hate her for it. we had a great year last year but honestly idk what happened
Alice (84906)
31 days ago
I mean and not Andrey
Alice (84906)
31 days ago
Today she accidentally wrote “earth” instead of “earthquake” on the board. I corrected her Andrey she threatened to lower my report card grades
Alice (84906)
31 days ago
For my school the teacher doesn’t change until 8th grade 😭
???? (47970)
37 days ago
My teacher freaken hates me like I won't say I anything for 1 pierod an then you get detention like what is wrong with I did nothing to yet today anything that happend yesterday was yesterdays news like God I get I get a lot of detention but calm the f*clown.
Jl12 (92857)
39 days ago
My teacher hates me its like ever since I joined the girls squad she is staring me down like she a hawk or something and I she can't shut her mouth what ever happens the whole school teachers know about it and we have this thing called tallies and I gotalit of them for no reason like today she was staring at me at lunch I'm like uhhhhhhh. But I actually do. Love her but dont like her sometimes and now I'm going through some times
What (53234)
52 days ago
I got that l
What (53234)
52 days ago
Notice that I haven't used the word hate? Your teacher probably finds you very annoying but, hey! You only have to put up with him/her for a year. I agree that sometimes you find them very boring but try to find a way to make class fun without disrupting others. How about making a comic strip about the subject you are learning about- sort of like those Horrible History books! It's not bad to be you but it just means that you don't have a passion for their subject. How about telling them that?
ac (93235)
52 days ago
Me and my teacher had no beef last year, in fact I was one of her best students, behavior wise and grade wise. This year I actually have friends in the class, and I occasionally would get called out for talking to them, but she normally didn't use names and was just like "girls, stop talking". This never interfered with my school work and I got A's on everything. Well a week ago I doodled on the desk. Not a big deal to me, considering I always drew on the desks especially in that classroom. The teacher sees me and calls me out in front of the class and then tells me I have to wash her tables. Since I'm by no means a trouble maker, it's been slippings my mind, mostly due to the fact she never reminds me. Today she was like " you still owe me a desk washing!" I really don't want to wash her desks. Its embarrassing. She really hates me now, and I'm nervous this could affect my grades. Trust me, if a teacher doesn't like your work, they will critique it to hell. I'm very nervous now, and just thinking about this class makes a knot form in my stomach.
sofiasolars (17421)
56 days ago
It was Monday, so there is this girl in my class and she's like always talking and stuff and the teacher was like "Rachel, could you please turn it down a bit. I'm trying to teach the class something" and she was like "Yeah, whatever". So half an hour later I whispered to my friend "I don't get it" and he was like "You really want to disrespect me in this kinda way?! Are you dumb or something? What is wrong with you like you really should be ashamed of yourself! I want to have a presentation turned in by Wednesday!!". Now he's gossipings with everyone else about me and the thing is- they believe it...
Riley (62810)
57 days ago
this test is so bad. I know she hates me even though i am her best student. never talk to my friends, never try to make her angry. none of those things. i know she hates me because she never listens to my 504, and she now never lets me go on any of the field trips.i don't know why but now i completly hate her. she even smokes when there is a big rule where none can smoke before school or during school, and she breaks that rule. she smell offull and pretty much only talks about hereself and football. this is why i know she hates me and why i hate her. this test is bad and if you are reading this read the comments before you do the test if you can!!!!!Don't Take This Test!
Shisui Uchiha (59781)
73 days ago
She always calls me out like, everyone else is talking why call me out for asking for a pencil while everyone is having conversations
Lalay (94234)
74 days ago
HE hates me he gave evry one else a good and gave me a check minus he also got ma at me when I said a swearing word😑.Then he told me to take my seat and pull it to the back even tho it was my freinds that were distracting me I miss my old ela yeateacher mrs banks! Pls come back I don't know what happens but you have to xome back pls!
Tpot (74763)
85 days ago
My teachers accused my dad of being abusive(he was arrested for it but nothing came about) so I nearly ended up in care and I'm in the exam period and none of the teachers offer me ways to support me and when I have told them I'm improving myself etc they strongly disagree and half of my marks when I go to the exam board are at 7/9 however they always mark them at 1/3
Miguel (99791)
92 days ago
I think my ELA teacher hates me, When I don't finish my homework she'll be on me and be asking "why you didn't finish this". Another reason is she gave me an D- on an project that I had to present but I was nervous presenting the project that where she graded me at. it's crazy
Vada (27018)
93 days ago
I swear my teacher hates me, I turn in my homework ON TIME and then she counts it missing. It's like I have to do it 50 more times then she'll not count itmissing!!!!
Cindy (81406)
94 days ago
40% more like 100% she hates me once I got an F on my test and she gossiped about me with other teachers WHAT THE HELL 😡😡
Bryan Stafford (04429)
99 days ago
My stupid art teacher always bothering me and I get in trouble for little thinks like laughing but it doesn't even be loud or anything.