Why Does My Teacher Hate Me?

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It's so depressing when your teacher tells you off for something small like helping a friend. Trust me! I've been in this situation, and it really can get you down. But does she really hate you - or just find you annoying sometimes? Find out here.

  • 1
    Does he/she give you the "Evil Eye"?
  • 2
    How often do you get a detention or a white slip from him/her?
  • 3
    Are you late to school often?
  • 4
    Do you hand in your homework early?
  • 5
    Do you distract people in class?
    Do you distract people in class?
  • 6
    During your teacher's long, boring history lecture, your friends around you are flicking around your eraser while you are (for once!) taking notes. Your teacher only looks up when you take it away from them and put it away. He/she makes you stand up for the rest of the lesson. (Trust me! This has happened to me!: P)
  • 7
    Has your teacher ever caught you ONCE doing something you shouldn't, and from then on, jumped to conclusions that you are the troublemaker in your seating arrangement?
  • 8
    Do you ever switch off in class completely?
  • 9
    Does he/she dislike you, or do you dislike them?
  • 10
    Do you ever log onto Google to find out ways to annoy your teacher?

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4 days ago
My teacher is so nice. But one time I got the same grade as the student next to me and she mentioned how the student next to me had a high grade and she said nothing about mine it was a few papers after. And she does not call on me a lot all of my other teachers call on me immediately. I am a good student I try hard and this is my first experience with a teacher like that.
42 days ago
I like my teacher, but last Monday I told him about his shose lace because I afraid that he might gonna fall down. But he said to me like this "Yes I don't care" what dose he mean? I feel not good after I heard his word. Please help me
63 days ago
I like my teacher
74 days ago
Sonim a clas pet is dat god???????
74 days ago
Ok I know my teacher hates me but I do nothing wrong and I feel like I’m not going well.😰😥
132 days ago
My high school special ed teacher was racist. I was the only Asian kid in her class, and she ALWAYS gets me in trouble for no reason at all. NEVER THE OTHER KIDS.
138 days ago
One time my teacher gave me a detention for coughing in band class🤦‍♂️😰
153 days ago
today I class I got back a project and I made 1 small mistake and she took away 32% another time I'm sitting with all my friends we are doing what we are supposed to do and sh switched me out with someone different. she said i stole something that i didnt she
171 days ago
Soooo can someone stab my teacher 😊
171 days ago
Soooo i got 60% she dislikes me buttttttt that’s incorrect... it’s 100% she HATES me. Once I got in trouble for doing extra work..... She started yelling at me saying I should have payed attention to her directions an I should have done the right thing!!!! ITS STUPID I SHOULD GET EXTRA CREDIT!!!!! Soo i have an A in her class and she accuses me of cheating because i have a good grade and she can’t believe that.. She says i waste time and 💗 and it gets on my last nerve.... Well I am going to report here again... for the 4th time and see what happens... wish me luck! (This is only like a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny fraction of what she does 🤬)
194 days ago
207 days ago
he is so rude ! like every teacher I have hates me. I have no idea why though he dose not hate anyone else so he is so mean so I really think he needs355555555 chill pills before he teaches our class.he says that I will never become vet and that everyone in his class must be a nerd
210 days ago
My teacher dont mind me. Fiiiinnne. ((ered))NOT.60% Is a BLOODY lie.
261 days ago
Don't worry guys! If he/she hate you, just throw them out the windowDon't though, it's a jokeDon't throw anyone please!Thank you for wasting your time on me!Usually no one listens to me;-;
356 days ago
Wiring she HATES ME LIKE I HATE HER I’m talking about ms Leon 🤢🤧 she yelled at me because I could not wait because I had to go like bro I hate her with a capital H then she made me stay and clean up like hoe what is wrong either idc that she cried haha she served it ✌🏽😠😡🤬
383 days ago
my teacher hates my guts. She is my science teacher, and today left my homework in my locker and when I asked her to go get it, she said no. I had worked so hard on it and then I got a 0%!!! Its so unfair.
420 days ago
I meant him not hom (in the first sentence)
And the heart was put ther by allthetests for writing sh¡t
421 days ago
Your teacher loves you!
OK. So being a teacher's pet is sometimes good. I once had a teacher who absolutely embarrassed me by always asking me questions and eventually I got fed up with that life. You will probably want to let it go a bit sometime too- feel free to. Yeah ok pretty accurate
427 days ago
I haven’t only got to put up with hom for a year! That’s the problem! He’s been my teacher since 4 years 😡🤬
This man even thought my father, when he was in school! Every single lesson he makes either me or my friends write an essay about some 💗, because somebody (not even at our table) “miss behaved”...
He calls every student by his or her first name (or the name they prefer to be called) and me and my friends by our surname, because (so he told us) its always an honor to spit out the family name (of our familys... he clearly hated my father and my friends dad when they were at school too!)

Just hope you are more lucky with your teachers and won’t have to learn latin any more 😢
448 days ago
Here is what I got
60% my teacher loves me
20% my teacher hates me
20% my teacher doesn't mind me