Name That Dog Breed

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The following quiz will give you descriptions, facts, and clues about certain dog breeds. You need to correctly choose the right breed that best fits the clues/facts given.
Some of the questions/clues will be easy, some more challenging. Point values will be different for every question, the most points will be given to whoever answers the most questions correctly. Some are pretty tricky....GOOD LUCK

  • 1
    I'm a dog that comes in a variety of colors & patterns. I generally weigh 9-15 lbs. I'm a wise choice for people with allergies because I don't shed. My tail is long & curls over my back. I am a:
  • 2
    I am a tall, short haired breed with a long tail. I'm well known for my long, backwards stripe running down my back. I am a:
  • 3
    People are always calling me ugly because my lack-of-fur. My brother was born fluffy, but not me! My body temperature is slightly higher to keep me warm. I am a:

  • 4
    I come in 2 varieties: smooth & rough. My nose is long, & tends to drip. I had a cousin who was famous from his TV series. I am a:
  • 5
    I'm short to the ground, long bodied, & have big, clunky feet. I may be on the slower side, but my nose works great for helping my dad hunt. I am a:
  • 6
    I am the most intelligent breed recognized by the AKC. I rule on the agility course, & love to work on the farm. I am a:

  • 7
    Unfortunately many people tend to abandon me at the pound. I am a happy & loving dog who is eager to please. I have a bad rap due to my "masters" bad choices. I am a:
  • 8
    I am also very intelligent. My coat is usually black & brown, but sometimes I'm solid black. I put the "K-9" in canine. I am a:
  • 9
    I originated in various parts of England. My hair can be long & silky if properly cared for. I am a fragile lap dog. I am a:
  • 10
    I am bold, brave, & short. My coat is ALWAYS white. I was bred to seek out foxes & badgers. My tail kind of looks like a carrot. I am a:

  • 11
    I come in 2 varieties: American & English. My hair will grow really long and thick if not groomed regularly. My ears are long & lay flat against my head. I'm very popular in the U.S. I am a:
  • 12
    My cousin is the Bichon Frise, but I come from the Mediterranean region. I'm very playful & great with children. I tend to "hop" when I run. I am a:
  • 13
    I am a large dog, with a tri-colored coat. My heavy skin & coat helps keep me warm when I'm in the snow being a search & rescue dog. I am a:
  • 14
    I have been a popular mascot for many schools. I'm short & stocky with a stub for a tail. I come from Brittain. I am a:
  • 15
    I'm not a very popular breed, even though I look very elegant.. I'm tall with a long tail. I am known as "The Royal Dog of Egypt" I am a:
  • 16
    I am known mainly for my wrinkles. Under close observation, you see my hair "hooks" at the tips as a natural defense mechanism. I am from Asian decent. I am a:

  • 17
    Many people will confuse me with a Pit Bull Terrier. I'm taller & more stubborn. I'm known for my distinctive "eye-patches". I am a:
  • 18
    I'm a brave & big dog, with short shedding fur. I tend to be VERY hyper, but that's alright because I have a job to do....I spot a challenge! I am a:
  • 19
    I come in 2 different heights. I'm best known for my howling, loud bark. I have lots of energy to burn off working in the forest. I am a:
  • 20
    I'm part of the hound group, sight hound to be exact. I have a thick, silky coat, & a tail with a "ring" at the tip. Grooming is always a hassle. I am a:

  • 21
    I am a good apartment dog because I am EXTREMELY quiet. I originate from Africa, and I'm known as the "bark-less dog". I am a:
  • 22
    I will make you toss & turn all night long with my loud, obnoxious snoring...hey it has to be my pushed-in-face. You know you think my cinnamon bun tail is adorable. I am a:
  • 23
    My fur is ultra thick & double coated. I shed A LOT....everywhere. I originated in the U.S. I'm part of the working group, putting in LONG hours on the clock. I am a:
  • 24
    I am a handsome, dark man. Tall & proud. I hail from Scotland. My ears are set low to my head & I love to hunt. I am a:
  • 25
    I'm the largest member of the terrier group. I hold the title "King of the Terriers". I come from England & like to "sport" a long beard. I am a:

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685 days ago
I got them all cause i know over 200 hundred dog breeds by heart
720 days ago
did i answer them all correctly ??