Do YOU know the warrior cats?

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Think you know the clans and cats? We'll see about that........ (There might be some questions about the medicine cats and their herb uses, so study your herbs!)

  • 1
    Who killed Brokenstar?
  • 2
    Who was the first medicine cat and which clan did they belong to?
  • 3
    All right..... now it will get tougher. I hope you've studied your herbs!
    What herb is used for rat bites?

  • 4
    What is tansy used for?
  • 5
    Which kit did Darkstripe try to poison with death berries?
  • 6
    What is the proper name for Death berries?

  • 7
    In Bluestar's Prophecy, Which cats were affected by the rotten mouse and gave them bellyache?
  • 8
    What is one of the cats that was captured by twolegs(in the New Prophecy) that was from Riverclan?
  • 9
    Who is Snowtuft?
  • 10
    What color is Leafpool's eyes?

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176 days ago
cevil, snowtooth
Deathberries are not really a medicine, but they are used to heal Pebbleshine
It is not hollyberries, the person did not mess up on that one
234 days ago
Leafpool is one of my favorite cats, I’m pleased with myself for getting the herbs right and the new prophecy questions.
268 days ago
I apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings with sorry!
268 days ago
Sorry! I just checked and Cevil is wrong.😬I just read enter the clans and I quote " Deathberries: Red berries that can be fatally poisonous to kits and elders. They are NOT a medicine. Known to two legs as yew berries.BEWARE! "
268 days ago
I agree with Cevil, you did make a small mistake but it's a really good quiz!
401 days ago
Nice test ,just want to tell you that you have written that deathberries are yew... (it would be yew trees or twigs or branches) and the correct answer is actually holly berries, not yew. I think that you made an accidental mistake. Well done anyway.
886 days ago
wow never heard of leafpool yet and I got the answer right