Are You Lesbian?

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Do you ever feel attracted to other girls? Do you feel nothing while in company of boys? If you answered yes to those questions take this quiz!

  • 1
    You see a woman with HUGE boobs bend over to pick up her pencil...
    Do you:
  • 2
    You're hanging out in a bar when a super sexy lady walks up to you saying she need a ride home. When you get in the car she rips of her shirt, revealing a VERY small leopard print bra.
  • 3
    A pretty girl asks you out, you say:
  • 4
    A hot guy asks you to out with him
  • 5
    You are stuck in an elevator with a hot girl.
  • 6
    An obviously drunk girl strips right in front of you and starts making out with you.
  • 7
    Who's hottest?
  • 8
    Guy or Girl?
  • 9
    Girls are:
  • 10
    Your fantasies include:
  • 11
    You are offered $1000 to have sex with a woman
  • 12
    Your girl best friend admits they're in love with you and tries to make out with you
  • 13
    Favourite singer?
  • 14
    Favourite color?
  • 15
    Sexiest thing about people?
  • 16
    A guy walks over and invites you to come back to "his place"

Comments (33)


ano (35444)
10 days ago
ldshadowlady?! oºo did u accept the proposal??
ano (35444)
10 days ago
boi apparently im straight but im not into relationships! im not into men! why i tooj this test? im bored and have nothing to do reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee * A N G E R Y
Ari (09534)
20 days ago
I knew I was bi already
Luna (72688)
89 days ago
This quiz is bull I'm asexaul I don't want to have💗which is what all the questions are (it also makes a no to a girl asking you out have to be homophobic)(and the bi answers always include having a threesome
Sharlotte (19258)
93 days ago
I'm going through the same thing lesbo
Lesbo (49963)
108 days ago
I'm a lesbian but I believe in god.. It's not that I'm really ashamed but.. I love god. And girls... If that makes any sense. Heh.)
Evi (86701)
121 days ago
Lesbian and proud
Ldshadowlady/Lizzie (77272)
128 days ago
it's says I'm lesbian but Joel just proposed to me -_-
Anna (41720)
128 days ago
Ok so....I only have crushes (innocent crushes) on guys. But all my dirty thoughts and fantasies are about girls. So am I bi? Or lesbian? Or what??
Nabiha (49703)
133 days ago
My answer is:

100% Straight

I knew it already
Ev (52468)
154 days ago
My answer is:

You are undoubtedly lesbian, no questions asked.

I am so happy for some reason.
Jasmine (75000)
158 days ago
Are You Lesbian?

You are undoubtedly lesbian, no questions asked and absolutely proud about it.☺️😊
Ebonie W (38120)
158 days ago
Ok, im Bisexual (kinda) i have only had 1 guy crush and the rest of my crushes are girls, i still have a crush on the guy but have a crush on my best friend. So i dont know if im bi or bi
Lexy (88553)
160 days ago
Turns out I'm lezbo but I like guys so IM I STRAIT OR LESBAIN?!??!!?!?!?!
Patricia (94017)
168 days ago
i would wanna get taste of "THE GAYEST UNICORN"
homo girl :3 (63240)
184 days ago
To Leafstar12: your asexual then because asexual people have no interest in sexual feelings or desires
Leafstar12 (62468)
187 days ago
I don’t like girls nor men. I’m single and cat-loving lol
Aubree Hernandez (15237)
188 days ago
This is my fith time taking one of these test and I got Bisexual again
The gayest unicorn (58376)
194 days ago
Haha I am a lesbian 4 sure now I like pink
The happiest tomboy (45666)
200 days ago
I suddenly feel aroused