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Hi there everyone! Alex here! I did this AMAZING quiz with the most BEST teacher ever and I wanted to give it to you guys to see if you pay attention during school! We did have more questions but since you can't draw on a computer, this is how many questions you'll be asked. Well you CAN draw on a computer but still!

  • 1
    Xylem is the part of a plant that carries water and minerals __________ from the roots and then through the stems.
  • 2
    Phloem carries sugars produced in the leaves _____________ through the stems to other parts of the plant.
  • 3
    This part of a plant supports the plant and connects the roots and leaves.

  • 4
    Which part of a plant is the reproductive part of a plant?
  • 5
    These are the underground part of the plant that anchors the plant and absorbs water and nutrients.
  • 6
    This is the part of the plant in which photosynthesis occurs.

  • 7
    Name one breakfast food that comes from a plant.
  • 8
    ______________ is a root that you can eat.
  • 9
    ___________ is a leaf that you can eat.
  • 10
    ___________ is a seed that you can eat.

  • 11
    -------------------- is a stem that you can eat.
  • 12
    ____________ is a flower that you can eat.
  • 13
    The rings of a tree tell how old the tree is.
  • 14
    All flowers are safe to eat.
  • 15
    What is the female and male part of a plant called?
  • 16
    ______________ is bark that you can eat.

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