Are You a Writer at Heart?

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Are you good at writing because you love writing and have gained experience from it? Or are you just gifted. Maybe you're not good at it, but your creative potential can still be shown through writing. This test will show if you are a writer at heart, or have hidden/blocked potential.

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    What kinds of things do you like to write about?

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44 days ago
What does 50% Dream Queen mean?
44 days ago
I like writing, but what do they mean 50% Dream Queen?
52 days ago
40% Imagination Wizard. 40% Dream Queen. 20% Open Mind, Closed Eyes... Um, why is this so unspecific?
55 days ago
61 days ago
"Close ur eyes . What line do u see?" Me: What on earth? What line?
61 days ago
Cool quiz. Kinda wish if it actually told u if you are a writer or not, not any of this imagination wizard stuff.
62 days ago
Mr. nobody lol I didn’t notice that!
62 days ago
Me too. I really like writing and am currently typing a book on my computer. It is a mystery book. So I don’t hate caus
80 days ago
I've been writing since I was six...

Please don't hate me
210 days ago
I don't understand this quiz at all
224 days ago
This quiz is probably the worst I've ever taken. About 50% of the questions make no sense. "Close your eyes, which line do you see?" What on earth is that?
244 days ago
I love living dead dolls! My best friend has a few, and my favourite is Tragedy.
331 days ago
A website giving a test to see if you are a good writer using "their" incorrectly when they should have said "there" is superbly emblematic of times we live in. See quote from Question 9 - "Are you good at imagining things that might not be their?" Facepalm.
331 days ago
A ton of people commented since last time I was here
379 days ago
I’m not saying that to brag
379 days ago
50% imagination wizard... I’ve been writing books that impress my parents since I was 9
406 days ago
40% imagination wizard (kinda accurate I guess)
40% open mind (very accurate) it says I should stick to writing stories about the past because I'm not a fan of futuristic things. Which even though I do enjoy reading futuristic stories, I hate writing about them because I feel like we always make them so predictable, even though they're literally supposed to be about what the world could be like, not what it is.
But writing about what it could be like is kinda depressing for me anyways.
20% dream queen, also very accurate, though many of my writing ideas come from my drawings or movie ideas, my "best" ones come from nightmares and sometimes regular dreams. (My dreams and stuff are basically like watching movies, a plot and everything)
421 days ago
50% Dream Queen, 30% Imagination Wizard, 20% Open Mind, Closed Eyes... This is so accurate... I'm working with a prof. editor with my novel (I'm 14 so we haven't sold yet) and PurpleGal.... I have it too.... My mom sent me to a the💗 four years ago after my dad left, because I used my book characters as friends. It is totally not weird, and you need to be yourself, gurl. I'm so happy you commented, like HOLY💗never thought I would have another person with the same situation... and a comment on a quiz.... talk about a freaking coincidence though..... Thank you so much bro I'm so happy
429 days ago
Who loves Living Dead Dolls?
516 days ago
Hello people. As my name suggests, I am a girl with wizard powers. Jk (. Just. Kidding. ) I would love to be one though. I have come to share a piece of my mind. Magic can be found anywhere. It is up to you. Do you wanna find it or not. Wizards and witches can be of any gender so be whatever you want. Anything is possible with magic so dream however much you want. All your dreams can come true if you have the courage. You can be anything a wizard a witch a unicorn a dragon a sorcerer, anything. After reading this, all the minds over here who wanna be writers become your characters and express what you feel in your story. This helps me a lot as I am a successful writer. Go live your dreams. Your imagination is ENDLESS goodbye.