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How Long Will You Last an Alien Attack?

77.28 % of users had this result: The Survivors Leader: You chose the right paths. The dogs prove stronger and deadlier then the aliens, and excepts the humans as their masters. All is well, and you are the new world leader, for vanquishing the aliens. You lasted through the entirety of the attack, which was later recalled to as the 1000th day of Hell

12.26 % of users had this result: Survivor: You probably survived, at least to the battle against the aliens. But if you did survive, you might have chosen a few paths that might have had bad consequences. You should try to trust others more often. But now matter what, you tried your best, or at least tried to try your best. But you should definitely try to be prepared more often.

10.45 % of users had this result: Traitorous Survivor/ Casualty: You were either one of the first to die because of you disbelief, or your treacherous behavior of eating other people and taking there things. If you survived the 1000 Days of Hell, you're now in prison. Or if you killed the dogs, man-kind is extinct, and the aliens control Earth for their main energy sources, sun light and water.