"Does He Like Me?" Quiz (GIRLS ONLY!)

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He loves me, he loves me not....He loves me, he loves me not....Hey, instead of ruining perfectly good flowers to find out how he feels, take this very accurate quiz!

  • 1
    First off, does he even know you exist?
  • 2
    Are you friends?
  • 3
    How long have you known him?
  • 4
    Do you think he likes you? Be honest!
  • 5
    When you talk, who starts the convo?
  • 6
    What do you talk about?
  • 7
    Do his friends like you?
  • 8
    Does he have a girlfriend?
  • 9
    Has he...
  • 10
    Do you...
  • 11
    On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being in love), how much do you like him?
  • 12
    When you talk, he...
  • 13
    Does he ever tease you?
  • 14
    Which of these best describes him?
  • 15
    Is he open and honest with you?
  • 16
    Does he ever compliment you?
  • 17
    If you hugged him, he would...
  • 18
    How much do you have in common?
  • 19
    If you asked him to do something for you, would he do it?
  • 20
    Was this helpful? (Does not count toward score)

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Human (15741)
56 minutes ago
Hi! I'm in love with my mom's second cousin and we're like ten years apart. I don't know if he has feelings for me but he is very protective and bestfriends with my dad. He's always there when I need him, but I feel like he thinks of me as his little sister. Help please?
Cutie Locks (72066)
3 hours ago
Hey mememe,
I'm having the same problem, but I'm close to ending it. Give me 3-6 days and I'll have advice for you 😄
mememe (35943)
5 hours ago
hey, i just want to know is it weird that this guy that i have just met today is sudenly attached to me? he keep telling me about basketball rule and keep drinking water from my bottle. he just text me and ask how was he playing. how to get rid of him? please help.
Mel (84444)
16 hours ago
If you are not super interested in "m", then I wouldn't worry about it. I mean, just be friends.
Mel (84444)
16 hours ago
Hey Kara! I think you're right about it being awkward with your friend who you kind of like. If you want to date him, i'd talk to "m" first and see how she feels. As for "k", I think he might like you but you wouldn't want to embarrass yourself by asking him about it. If you like both of these guys, I would wait and be sure of which one you like more. I recommend watching ask Kimberly on youtube.
kara (15235)
16 hours ago
hey! so just wondering...

1. there's this guy, let's just call him "n" for privacy purposes. i've know him for years and we are pretty darn good friends. i met him a while back because i was (and still am) best friends with his twin sister, "m". he's cute, fun, and it's not awkward because we know each other so well. so lately i've kinda liked him as more than a friend and i want to know if he likes me. my mom said she had a feeling he did, and i like him. however, it would make things so awkward between m, (his twin sister) and i. what should i do?

2. also, i have another situation. this one is longer to explain. so there is a guy "k" that i knew went to my school, but he didn't really know me. well this year i ended up in science and pe class with him. he teases eveyone (in a good way) and hangs out with the popular girls and guys. (so do i). but he always stares at me (in my eyes, not anything more than that!) in class. he then always volunteered to pass out papers and looked me in the eye when he passed out mine. i heard word he wanted to ask me or "a" another girl to the school dance. he didn't end up asking either of us but i still get a feeling he likes me. in pe when we run the mile, (i am a very fast runner for my age) he always says, "oh yeah, kara is going to finish like first or second again, she's like the fastest girl in the class." today he requested to follow me on instagram, but i'm getting mixed feelings. in his bio, it has @(another girl) and then a few red hearts. ugh, i checked out her profile and i don't know her, but i have heard of her before. do you think he likes me?

thanks so much for reading! please help!
Cutie Locks (84749)
18 hours ago
Hey Sydney??? U didn't say you were going to be out... IVE BEEN BORED ALL DAY
Cutie Locks (84749)
20 hours ago
Thanks Lily!
Sydney? You there bestie?
Lily (76760)
21 hours ago
No You're not alone
Cutie Locks (38940)
21 hours ago
Erm... Anyone out there??? I'm sounding so crazy, it's not really like me 😂😄
Cutie Locks (38940)
21 hours ago
Cutie Locks:
How're you feeling?
Cutie Locks:
Yeah I'm still feeling Ill :(
Cutie Locks:
Do you think you're going crazy talking to yourself?
Cutie Locks:
Yeah... I am... What happens when you're ill, I guess.
Cutie Locks (38940)
21 hours ago
To Cutie Locks:
How're you feeling?
Cutie Locks (38940)
21 hours ago
Noooo I am all alone :((((
Well I'm bored lying here with my head hurting so I'm probs just going to talk to myself...
Cutie Locks (38940)
22 hours ago
Yo anyone on here at all??? Am I alone on allthetests.com???
Cutie Locks (38940)
24 hours ago
Hi Sydney, you okay??!
I'm in bed, I've got hayfever 😢
I'm lonely here on my own, need a friend to cheer me up
..... (30175)
I mean bsf............... . ........... . ................
..... (30175)
I used to like this guy but my bag said something about how she likes him 2 so of course I backed up but know a lot of people thinks that he likes me and I have to admit that he is.... but my friend is super sad so I feel bad
ThePotatoFam (I'm giving up on life) (01168)
he has a girl friend apparently. for two years. and umm i don't really like him as anything but a friend anymore because, ya know, i don't really like anyone anymore. okie I'm done byeeee
Sydney (11232)
i dunno, watch yo language ya 💗
SAmuel pl0 x (60636)
💗 the hell am I taking this quiz?