Which Lady Gaga song are you?

Developed by: Melinda Lina

Find out which Lady Gaga song suits your personality.

  • 1
    Your absolute dream come true would be:
  • 2
    People sometimes complain that you:
  • 3
    What would your ideal Friday night activity be?
  • 4
    Why are you taking this quiz right now?
  • 5
    What was/is your favorite subject?
  • 6
    When somebody asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, if you were in kindergarten you would have responded:
  • 7
    Which Lady Gaga album do you enjoy the most?
  • 8
    Your ideal date would consist of:
  • 9
    If your best friend committed suicide you would:
  • 10
    How much time do you put in to getting ready every day?

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