Are you mean?

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Every one is mean to some degree, the question is how mean are you? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    If someone is embarrassing themselves in front of everyone and they're all laughing, what do you do?
  • 2
    Someone bumps into you and you fall over, what do you do?
  • 3
    You bump into someone and they fall over, what do you do?

  • 4
    You really wanted to win a prize, but someone else got it. You're really jealous so you...
  • 5
    If you saw a girl of this description what would you do?
    Brown scraggly hair, big nose, crooked teeth, pimples, bit of extra weight, clashing outfit.
  • 6
    You see someone dropped there bag and everything fell out, you...

  • 7
    You see there's a new girl at school, she looks a little weird and really shy you...
  • 8
    You have a new teacher, what do you do?
  • 9
    Your friend can't come to your place at the last minute because someone in her family died you...
  • 10
    You hear a rumor someone spread about you...

Comments (7)


941 days ago
I am kind! Not that much mean.
991 days ago
hardly mean at all!
lol i feel weird here with people that got the score mean or extremely mean xD
1418 days ago
Im 60% mean and true 😎
1515 days ago
50% not mean at all, 40% hardly mean at all, 10% mean and 0% extremely mean
1622 days ago
Omg! I got mean lmao. Like %90
2237 days ago
Umm food is bae and im married to zayn malik
2241 days ago
got it!^ COOL! I Am NICE! o^ooo! nice quiz