How much do you love him?

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Love is a great emotion that we love to feel. Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking we love someone discover how much you love him

  • 1
    How much do you think about him?
  • 2
    When you think about him you ...
  • 3
    After 10 years you imagine you..
  • 4
    Your imagination of a romantic evening
  • 5
    If he ever proposed you will..
  • 6
    If you want to describe your love you will choose
  • 7
    You think he
  • 8
    If he ever demanded anything you would
  • 9
    If you want to give him a gift you would go with
  • 10
    If he ever introduced you to his parents you will

Comments (33)


I don’t get it.... (87187)
65 days ago
It says that I have to get out of the friendship zone??????? He already has a crush on me and I have i crush on him..... he gets jealous if i talk to any other would it tell me to step out of the friend zone......the frick
Uh (26046)
73 days ago
She loves me and her girlfriend and I think she wantes to be with me more n her girlfriend hates me n won’t let them break up it’s fun
KD What do I do (69711)
126 days ago
Okay, I really like him, and we’re friends, but I’m shy and may never be able to tell him. And I see him ALL. THE. TIME! ( we have lockers next to each other) K, if you see this, know that I really like you.
BC Lover (97733)
126 days ago
We aren’t even dating yet. I know his parent and I think about him every day. If you know it’s you I kinda like u B
Helpless (29091)
135 days ago
Friendzone!?!? No! I love him so friggin much. He's the first guy I've ever loved like that. He asked me out today and I said yes because I obviously love him. We aren't in the friendzone and we have been flirting ever sense October so...
unknown (59712)
136 days ago
I'm depling in love I knew it I never felt this way ever its was always bc of he cute but this guy is special a guy that I love
Deadfan (04637)
139 days ago
"Ooo your so in love with him, your lucky you found him, soul mates, ooo happy-" WELL HES GAY! I wanna die...
noboby (44930)
153 days ago
Freak (47581)
155 days ago
Shy girl (50942)
155 days ago
why are these so depressing when i know how much i love him. why such honest and brutal answers at times . makes me think less of myself. i dont know what to say anymore
saisha (39894)
158 days ago
i am deeply in love with my bff.
NAKIA (59504)
159 days ago
This is the best test ever
Kristina (41147)
185 days ago
Im so in love with him I wanna date him when I'm like 15 or 16
Kristina (41147)
185 days ago
So it was my b-day yesterday and my crush said happy birthday to me and i said thanks his name is Tristan and he asked me if he could have a donut and i fluttered my eyes and said sure. Then Tristan asked me if I wanted to go to DQ with him after school and i played it cool and said kkk but on the inside i was like OMGGGGG! So we went to DQ and while we were waiting to buy ice cream he hugged me and said i was the cutest girl he had ever seen and i said he was the cutest guy i had ever seen, and we got our food and ate together sitting on the curb near school and LITERALLY ALL OF THE OTHER GIRLS IN 6TH GRADE WERE LOOKING AT US. My bff sat down next to us she has a crush on him to i felt really bad for her but HE LIKES ME AND THATS ALL THAT MATTERS! I TOOK THIS QUIZ TO MAKE SURE HE LIKES ME AND IT SAID HE LOVES ME!!!!!!!
;););) Best day ever
I hope he gets me something for valentines day i got him something! I hope he dosent see this LOLOLOLOL
S.N.f. (84764)
185 days ago
Mine is called J****i**. I've had a crush on him for 2 years , we email almost every day !
Rosie (82377)
202 days ago
Love him and he’s cute asf and I really want him
But it’s complicated
Ele (44870)
212 days ago
I love him and his name is William
Lopez (00827)
219 days ago
I love him he is sopoooooooooooooooo cute like a pupy
Nisha (12939)
233 days ago
I love him a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
His name is Jaden!
Ajax (don't worry It's just a nickname) (73834)
240 days ago
My love is named Zack too and a person in my school he is close to is named Abby