Which Voice Type Am I?

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So singing is your life...or you like it and wish it were! Are you interested in knowing the type of voice you naturally have? Once you know that, you can focus on developing it to the best of your ability! Take this quiz to determine an approximate voice type for yourself. Try it right now!

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    How would you describe your tone?
    How would you describe your tone?

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8 days ago
it says i am messo sprano
34 days ago
it says i am a baritone or mezzo-soprano!
40 days ago
It says 50% that I am a tenor or soprano, 40% says I am a mezzo soprano or baritone and 10% says I am a bass or contralto.
44 days ago
I am soprano, and 20% mezzo-soprano.
45 days ago
I actually have B3 as my lowest note and C5 as my highest note But the results show that I'm a mezzo-soprano .
47 days ago
me too i go high low middle
50 days ago
Mine was not clear.
57 days ago
I got mezzo-soprano, which is great because there's a musical role I wanted that requires mezzo-soprano voice type. :)
64 days ago
No idea what my range is, I tried with my piano to find out, but I don't know. I defititely like to sing songs in the middle, I can go higher than I can go low.
76 days ago
13 yo male. D2 to Eb4. i can hit E6 in falsetto without hesitation!
110 days ago
My vocal range is F3 to C6 what am I?
114 days ago
Okay my voice lies around E2 - F2 what am I
118 days ago
my voice is A3-G#4
123 days ago
I’m a 15 year old male my range is E2-E6 I’m not trained so I cannot classify my range I can do 4.1octaves when I get trained it’s going to expand hope to see you guys on the big stage one day
133 days ago
Lowest note: C#1
Highest Note: B7
I got quite a range, if you don't believe me then okay.
161 days ago
I got mezzo suprano. I have done choir for a while and I didn’t sound the best in singing low I usually liked singing high or medium so this makes sense.
181 days ago
I'm a 12 y o female. My range is D3- A6-B6 i think.
The thing is that I never took vocal lessons, I'm selfish taught and I'm trying to go higher.
I don't know if I'm a soprano or not though :/
191 days ago
i’m a 14 year old male and my range is B1-Eb6
low - B1
chest -B1-E4
what voice type am i?
220 days ago
I'm a 15 years old male. my range is: F2-C6-G6
MID- around B4
I'm a tenor, right?
234 days ago
I had a lot of trouble answering some questions, especially the range one. My range is from D3 - B6 (whistle register) so I have nearly a 4 octave range, but none of those options were offered. Also, I have no problem in singing soprano, mezzo soprano or alto IN HEAD VOICE, but IN CHEST VOICE I would probably be a mezzo since I have trouble hitting high notes over F. Just hope you could specify at times if your question is asking about chest or head voice because those two are totally different matters.