Does your crush really like you? (guys only)

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I'm a girl and I've had crushes, so I know how we act. Is she giving you mixed signals? Is she just a friend? Is she into you? Does she like you back?

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    When was the last time she talked to you?

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Emily (65739)
3 days ago
This is not very accurate I am head over heals for somone and I pressed what applied to me and the answer was she isn’t sure, for a while it got awkward and I stopped talking to him for a few weeks though.
Jude (65927)
15 days ago
She used to want to be be Girlfriend
Cayden.H (95813)
16 days ago
I like my crush I think she likes me but I don't know for sure.
No (27448)
16 days ago
47% Is that good? Or is it bad.
Cc (47590)
22 days ago
This is so inaccurate. I am a girl.
Open All Night (95098)
30 days ago
About the first question: I just got back from Spring Break. I don’t have her number, or even my own set of wheels (and under no circumstances would I ask my parents or my sister to drive me to, say...the mall. That would be suicide.) So, all systems don’t go. 🙁
Emma@Zia (16887)
33 days ago
I liked a boy on my baseball team last year. His name was Brandon and he was really sweet, and cute, and funny a.f. All of the other boys always made fun of me and him (separately, we were never together like that 🙁) He grabbed my hand, twice I think, and it made my heart skip a couple beats. I definitely think I sent mixed signals cause I never did it to him, and I kinda ran away back to the dugout after he did. Anyways, all of these old feelings came up when I saw him again at the first practice this year so I was taking this quiz to see if maybe he liked me back (answering the way I thought he would). And what sucks is it said the same thing I was hopings it wouldn't, that he didn't know I liked him. I've had a boyfriend since then and I guess I kinda understand something's better than I did before, but I really want to know him better than I did before. So, if Brandon, you are reading this, know that I have loved you from the Rockies to the Royals and I don't think I'll get over this, you, so easily, not again.
mrtee (06262)
34 days ago

LisaCutie (38479)
34 days ago
AHHHH I'm a girl and i'm taking this quiz to see if he knows I like him. Apparently I'm bad at showing him. Does anyone have any advice to how to show my crush I like him. Btw: if akash sees this I like youuuuu - Lisa
Caleb (22969)
39 days ago
Question 13 win we are 12 days apart so idk really
Ava (65664)
44 days ago
I am a girl and I like this guy. He is funny, cute and Nice. Especially to me. WHAT DO I DO?
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (75600)
46 days ago
"not being rude"
too short for a message
No (33083)
48 days ago
Im a girl theres this fat disgusting kid not being rude or anything tried toTOUCH MY HAND I hate him hes gross
Amelia (01859)
49 days ago
I'm actually a girl taking this quiz, because last year something i hated happened. This boy OLDER than me had the biggest crush on me. I hated him. Infact, i remember not going to school disco's i knew he wouldn't ask me out. It's just, his fringe, his black hair, his eyes, i hated. It would get on my nerves when he stared at me. Once when i was walking home from school, him and his friends were behind me. One of his friends said "(not gonna say name's) GOT A GIRLFRIEND AND RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM!!" and he kept repeated. I didn't even blush. Honestly, I would've loved to kick his ass, sooooo bad.
Well What Do? (18767)
50 days ago
It says she likes me and I don’t have the guts to ask her out and that is what it wants me to do and I do what it says but still don’t have the guts so what now?
Ayyy (79247)
55 days ago
Um I’m a girl here and I’m pretending I’m a boy but uh I guess I’m good at not showing I like him lol
Alexander Britishman (75600)
58 days ago
I got 53% and I'm pretty happy, my crush's cute and has a kinda teaser personality like me.
Ezrael (48047)
59 days ago
I test if my two girl best friends likes it says 70% in real i think they like me 100 % even my crush i test its 40% so sad lol
Censored LoL (92607)
63 days ago
I’m going to aske her for Snapchat and phone number
Kyle im your crush (41238)
64 days ago