Does Your Crush Like You? (Guys Only)

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I'm a girl and I've had crushes, so I know how girls who are crushing act. Is she giving you mixed signals? Is she just a friend? Is she into you? Does she like you back? Find out here!

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    When was the last time she talked to you?

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Darcey (60635)
9 days ago
I can 100% say this is fake because when my crush found out i liked her they pretended to be sick and now its saying there chance that she might like me.
NU (90335)
10 days ago
I rather no one have a crush on me
That shy boy (65951)
17 days ago
I have a crush on someone and we run into each other ALOT, we don't go to the same school, but we used to. Whenever she sees me she waves and smiles, but I am VERY shy and I studder alot around her, Whenever I am talking to her mom, who I see often as well, she comes over to me, but doesn't say anything, she just smiles and blushes a bit. I catch her staring at me, and whenever I catch her, she smiles and looks away. She and my sister are best friends, and my sister says she likes me too, but my sister is known for lying. My crush is very social to EVERYONE except me. I see her at the movies, church, pool, restraunts, stores, etc. I am too nervous to ask her out and I think she is too, what should I do? Btw I'm in secondary school.
Franchesca (03329)
26 days ago
Dont listen to this survey its completly wrong as a girl in high school I took it and put in the things I usually do when I like someone and it said no that she hates you but I wouldn't
The guy who has a crush (41240)
34 days ago
I recently told my crush I like them but I'm not sure if she said yes or no, she said "I'm okay that you have a crush on me." I text her nearly everyday and we have alot in common. It's now that time where we go to secondary-middle school and of course we are going to different schools and wondering if I should just ask her out.
Fred claxton (96054)
45 days ago
I"m in love with someone how tell her that love her she older than me help me
Nick (06256)
46 days ago
I got 53% but I think it's not true, 'cause on some of the questions I didn't had the right answer.
My crush probably likes me because she is touching my back and arms and mostly hair. She even sometimes when I'm standing she leans on my shoulder and touches my arm constantly.
There are probably some feelings c; Thanks for reading, if this happened same to you let me know in the replies. :D
Dank_russian (70775)
79 days ago
Tbh I was expecting tiis to be modernized since half the questions I couldn't answer since I talk to my crush over Xbox
I'm not straight (93197)
91 days ago
Lol this is kind of hard to take as a boy who likes another boy... we have different ways of expressing interest lol. But at the same time if another boy is smiling at u and making eye contact he has to be gay haha
um (74730)
105 days ago
lol i took this as my crush's perspective and YES, i actually do want him to ask me out. i confessed to him a few months ago about how i feel and it turns out he feels the same way as i feel about him. he's moving away this summer for a couple of months and he said he would miss me and because he is apparently the fastest in our school district, he told me that since he was moving it would be taking it away from him now that he's going to hawaii and he said, "i'll just think about you". it warmed my heart a lot ;)).. we only talk through text messages..
Nathan (16050)
111 days ago
this is not real at all i got 23% and she likes me i know she told me
Taige (36950)
113 days ago
I took this to get my crush Reid Olyer to like me I got 67%
Idk (39924)
117 days ago
I like a girl named Lavinia and all my friends say she likes me back, so I tried this quiz and got 67%, I don't really believe it because she addresses me as wierd or she just screams at me without saying my name, tho every now and then she will stand there and stare well I stare back, but I'm afraid that one of my friends likes her too, I talked to him and he said he didn't care who likes her cause he doesn't, but I've seen the way he looks at her, she might like me a bit, but all we really do is play tag together with friends, one time she raised her hand a me and said tag me so I did, she held on for a good five seconds then let go she went red then chased her friend, I felt my heart stop, she didn't talk to me at all, I feel like asking her for advice tomorrow to get covisation started
Karah (48891)
119 days ago
Yup ima girl and this is wrong
Adison (40089)
123 days ago
This is wrong because I’m a girl and I like him so BOOM!!
Andrew Furtado (10071)
126 days ago
It said my crush isabell likes me
Kenny Doan (50047)
127 days ago
my crush thinks i need a restraining order
Sorry not trying to sound rude but... (81100)
130 days ago
This quiz isn't accurate at all!!! I took it pretending to be my crush(thinking his thoughts about me) and it said I didn't like him one but! I REALLY like him
Nikki (67951)
139 days ago
I took this quiz to see if he knows I like him,I also know he likes me back he told me
BigBalls (46457)
151 days ago
How big an age difference is her being 4 months older than me