Does Your Crush Like You? (Guys Only)

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I'm a girl, and believe me, I've had crushes! So I think I am pretty well qualified to judge how girls who are crushing act. Is the girl you like giving you mixed signals? Or is she just a friend? Is she into you and likes you back? Find out now!

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    When was the last time she talked to you?

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22 days ago
I think my crush likes me back because she sends hearts to me by messages and she said she wants to ‘start a family’ with me Pretty sure as a joke. I rly close to her and hope that she’ll make the first move when sch starts again
35 days ago
good tip to know if a gurl likes u. see if she looks at u andu catch her and she still looks means she likes u. but if u catch her ad she looks down it means da sam thing but it just means shes to shy to tell u
35 days ago
xoxoxoxoxoxo to my crush (whom I will never tell any one but her when da tim iz rite) (:
35 days ago
u know theres this girl and I realllllly like her and I think she likes me bc she sits legit right in front of me in class and she will even tho she knows im gonna notice her she still looks at me and sometimes I let her bc I like her to and shes really cute and the way she looks at me I just guess I dont care bc im just used to it so yea kep keep making memes ppl
39 days ago
I like her but dont know if she likes back.
48 days ago
My dog ate my toaster with the toast still inside 🍞
52 days ago
I swear this is gonna break my heart if she doesn'the like me😢😢😢
61 days ago
I don’t know if this quiz is precise but I got a 60%
97 days ago
I can't believe that this test is breaking my 💗 heart
This is not even real .iam sure that she likes me secretly even her cousin told me that she has a big crush on me and this test is telling me to get over her 💗 !
98 days ago
I tried this to someone I know likes me but it says that she hates me and to get over her lol.
107 days ago
What's up!! Just wanted to clarify that I'm a girl, who wants to see from my crush's perspective, I didn't expect this, but I have to say... THIS QUIZ SUCKS!!!!. Most of this stuff isn't even relatable. There needs to be more options. To all the guys out there- if you really like a girl, then just be yourself. I know it's lame but it's true. I mean you can be a little impressive, but most girls like a guy who is funny, smart(not a know it all), and who can be her friend. Maybe other girls like different things. You don't know 'till you get to know her. By the way, if girls tease you, they're probably playing hard to get. Which is normal, so no sweat. Good luck to you guys!! 😋
114 days ago
This test is the worst
I take it and most of the optios that I would've choose aren't on there it's terrible.
131 days ago
How could you say that there’s is no way that I am getting Over her I have had a crush on her sense grade one and that’s the same amount of stars you are getting
133 days ago
If a girl kicks you or puts their feet on yours look at at you then takes their feet of and looks away real quick do they probaly like you?
140 days ago
I like this girl her friends like me I smile at her in the hallway she blushes and says hi and waves
I’m asking her out on Monday
And it said she doesn’t want to be MY FRIEND 💗 P.S. Still asking her out
141 days ago
Thank this test it said she likes me.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
144 days ago
Hey, peoples> So I'm a girl and I took this quiz in my crushes point of view, and this is not accurate at all! Just because you've never heard her talk about you, doesn't mean she doesn't like you. For example, I like this guy, but I haven't told any of my friends about him and I've never talked about him, but I still reaaaaally like him. Unless she shows really obvious signs that she likes you, I wouldn't really trust this.
193 days ago
I don;t tak about it :(
203 days ago
somebody. i have an answer. get someone else to say it for you. and dont answer if you say why. i did and i made her uncomfortable. and she hated me for it. she wont accept your apologies. so just say it and do nothing else unless she likes you back.
213 days ago
Hi I’m a girl ~farts~