Does Your Crush Like You? (Guys Only)

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I'm a girl, and believe me, I've had crushes! So I think I am pretty well qualified to judge how girls who are crushing act. Is the girl you like giving you mixed signals? Or is she just a friend? Is she into you and likes you back? Find out now!

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    When was the last time she talked to you?

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2 days ago
So.. me and my crush hav dated before, so we r exes. so, i like my ex is what ur getting out of dis. ik noone will EVER read dis, but she is really sexy. yes, im only 11, but i focus on her ass, so yeah. if ur reading this jordyn, (which u probably arent:)), then i just wanted u 2 kno that i love u, and i want u back.
7 days ago
I haven't talked to my crush for 2 months (because of quarantine) but she looks at me and I look at her as if should I ask her out. I'm 11 and she's the same age.😊😊
17 days ago
i hope my crush like me. next time i see her i will tell her i like her
20 days ago
This girl hasn't talked to me for two months.

Its obviously because of quarantine
36 days ago
Uh, wellll i'm a girl and I have a crush on my BFF and I hope she likes me back >\\\\\
41 days ago
HI HI I am a girl I just had to see this COOL turns out I like him back lol XD
44 days ago
So, I took this, and i was not really surprised...she told me she liked me on Snapchat and i said we should just chill out cause both of our families were in pickles so...yeah... I'm kind sad that we don't talk anymore but idk what I should think :(
55 days ago
My result wasn't clear. That is what all of the test I have taken said.
57 days ago
Hah this was pointless I don't even have a crush XD
58 days ago
A... Yes she Loves me, i have prepaid my whole life for this moments, i am gonna tell my feelings to her!

58 days ago
Why Did I Came Here When I Already Knew She Doesn't Know I Exist!
66 days ago
Sam hood are you homeschooled?
81 days ago
Girls reacting like yeah ok whatever
82 days ago
Broooo JM you like Vanessa right???? i knew it >:3broO
82 days ago
Lol I'm a girl
82 days ago
I kinda like her? I met her in Junior Kindergarten and I'm pretty sure she likes me... She stares in my soul sometimes and laughs when I make jokes (most of the time). I don't know. I'm too scared to admit it to my friends, but when she's with her friends she's talking and whispering while looking at me. I try to ignore it, because i feel like if she rejects me it'll be embarrassing. One day, one of her friends asked me if I like her beside one of my friends. He said yes but I said no, rejecting that I like her. I feel bad now... she had no clue. I am pretty sure she likes me but I'm too scared to ask her... What do I do?!?!?!
84 days ago
She has no friends , but I hear her repeating my name alone. She's usually on her phone when I'm not around looking at pictures. Weird, but I'll dig it.
102 days ago
Hi I'm aalif
103 days ago
Immma girl
128 days ago
I think my crush likes me back because she sends hearts to me by messages and she said she wants to ‘start a family’ with me Pretty sure as a joke. I rly close to her and hope that she’ll make the first move when sch starts again