Does Your Crush Like You? (Guys Only)

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I'm a girl and I've had crushes, so I know how girls who are crushing act. Is she giving you mixed signals? Is she just a friend? Is she into you? Does she like you back? Find out here!

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    When was the last time she talked to you?

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46 days ago
I don;t tak about it :(
56 days ago
somebody. i have an answer. get someone else to say it for you. and dont answer if you say why. i did and i made her uncomfortable. and she hated me for it. she wont accept your apologies. so just say it and do nothing else unless she likes you back.
66 days ago
Hi I’m a girl ~farts~
75 days ago
The hot next door neighbour Clio is soooooooooooo crushing I agreee with Gabriel so hot both 😍
75 days ago
Charlotte sooooo likes me
112 days ago
okay, end of the school year for me and i have been crushing on someone and tried to hide it. what do i do? (im also not going to the same school next year)
123 days ago
Word has been spreading, from one of my friends (that came from one of hers) to one of his that she likes me but I don’t know what to do - she’s apparently waiting for me to ask her out...
131 days ago
She doesn't know if she likes me? Technically I'm a annoying person but if I'm nice to her and talk to her and maybe sometimes leaves her alone and maybe she'll like me if I say sorry and maybe I should listen to her. Anybody who can help me? I know I can talk to my friends about it but I don't know if they will tell her as revenge for something stupid. I need help and how can I impress her I mean I'm always complimenting her on stuff
131 days ago
I don't think she likes me because once I teased her so yeah she prob illy hates me but I admire her
131 days ago
Do you hear your name mentioned? All the answers: yes
138 days ago
I like but I don’t have the guts to ask her because I’m afraid to ruin our relationship oh yeah and I got 53 percent
139 days ago
I'm gay
so do i just change the pronouns
144 days ago
I wish my crush, Emily Watson likes me, I see her as the hottest and cutest girl ever
147 days ago
I worked fine so yeah
150 days ago
@benshasta lol im a girl and same
166 days ago
Why 40%? I can't get over her, if I could I would but I cant we were just friends till she told me she liked me but then by that time she was shipped with my friend and he doesn't even act like he likes her! Why does she talk through texting but not talking each time I'm trying to talk with her she just pretend I'm not even Frickin there. I know she likes me but she avoids me for some weird reason =(
178 days ago
Im a girl and I tried this to see how accurate it was, and it said that I just want to be friends and dont like him in that way when in reality I like him a lot lol. I will say this when I am just doing quizzes instead of talking to him, but just talk to her. Trust me, if you tell her she won't get mad, aand she probably won't change her behaviour to you. You might as well tell her because she will find it really sweet, and who knows, she could like you back! Me giving a supposedly inspirational speech trying to convince myself to tell him I like him lol. But whatever you decide to do, good luck!
181 days ago
@Who am I
I would recommend just to go up to her and talk to her! That’s their only way you would find out. Does she every act shy when you go by her or talk to her! Idk just tryin to help....Please get back to me on here if she has done anything! Trust me I’m the expert.
181 days ago
her name is saylee. i think she likes me, my friend jeremy asked her and he hasn't told me. he wants me to find out
187 days ago
This is probally one of the worst websites I have ever went to!