Does Your Crush Like You? (Guys Only)

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I'm a girl and I've had crushes, so I know how girls who are crushing act. Is she giving you mixed signals? Is she just a friend? Is she into you? Does she like you back? Find out here!

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    When was the last time she talked to you?

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An 8th grader (88686)
22 hours ago
Hey so I’m in 8th grade. I have a tendency to like a lot of girls but only one per year until middle school then I had one crush her name was Eva... I asked her out she said no. Then in art class I met this 7th grader named eden. I have had a gf but she lived 4 hrs away and we broke up within like 2 weeks so that doesn’t realy count but eden lives LITRALLY 3 MINUTES AWAY. I feel like she likes me and I hope she does I think she might like me because Mainly when I can’t stand but to look at her for like 1 second she looks at me too but for much longer for like 3or4 seconds And then My eyes dart back and forth until she stops then I awkwardly just look at the ground. I want to ask her out but we Bailey know each other and one of her friends : Paige doesn’t like me so she is saying don’t be my friend but then eden says I don’t want beef with anyone so I might ask her out if we get even any closer but wish me luck
Joshua (63765)
4 days ago
Jerry, just try to get to know her better. This May certainly take time, but you either need to move on or get her to know you.
Jerry (29789)
7 days ago
My crush knows I like her and she doesn’t care what do I do
Filip (83984)
9 days ago
My crushhhh 😍 we've been hanging out so much and talking a LOT! Her friends are always coming up to me asking if I like her or my friends go up to her saying that I might ask her out 😂. She has the most beautiful smile and eyes I might ask her out soon cus people have been saying she likes me too.
Felix (47911)
11 days ago
I am in 7th, which is pretty 'young' but i know i am in love with her, i don't know if she likes me, but i'm sure she might consider us friends, even though i have done some really weird/funny things in the past (i know this because she laughed) but i really hope she likes me i don't know if it is good if she doesn't know my number or whatever... Why is everyone saying stuff like this? lol i am too...
Guy (49006)
14 days ago
she is so cute.. we have many classes together and we play the same sport and same number too
Cameron (24693)
16 days ago
I met this new girl at my school yesterday and she is in two of my classes and BEAUTIFUL!!! Not kidding! So i talked to her in tech class but it was her first day so she wasnt talking to anyone because she was probably nervous. I have been nice to her for two days and this is my second day with her and she made a joke in tech and came up to me and told me it. The first day in lunch we made eye contact twice! Today it was like 7 or 8 times!!!! We havent talked much but it was kindof like a crush at first sight thing and i dont know if she likes me. And i am so nervous because i dont want to screw this up. I can be a bit obnoxious in classes someetimes and i kind of was today but not to bad. Im trying to fix it. Plz help! I want to know if she likes me!!!!!!!!!!
Jeff (80714)
17 days ago
I like her, I don’t know if she likes me and most of the answers to the questions in this test weren’t the right options for me so... yeah

I talk to her for 15 mins a day at form time but that’s really the only time a talk to her :(

She is really pretty as well, she has the nicest hair and eyes and the way she throws her head back when she laughs is so cute. The sad thing is that in my school they don’t really do the whole gf/bf thing so I can’t really say I like her without my friends teasing me. And if I did ask her out then I wouldn’t have a clue where to go because there is no fancy restaurants in my area so the only place we can go is McDonald’s or pizza hut

Plz help me decide what to do
Dj (86287)
20 days ago
Sean (02965)
22 days ago
I will ask her tomorrow
noah (51516)
23 days ago
she said no now im depressed
Kae (13523)
23 days ago
I did this to see if the boy that I like would get the right answer if he took it, turns out I did! I met him at camp. Thats all imma say (he knows I like him)
yo momma (82701)
23 days ago
that is a waste of time, I just don't chat with her because i'm scared to chat with her... Even when she asks me something i'm too afraid to answer that question.... 😪 my life is $#!t :/
lillian (49506)
23 days ago
wow i took it about myself and he likes me, just how do i tell him i like him, he's already made the first move, just touching no talking WTD
Heheheheh (42761)
24 days ago
I took this to see the results my crush would get and it’s 100% wrong
i hate my friend (80850)
24 days ago
so my crush used to hate me, i asked her out only because my xfriend said she likes me and that she asked him to ask me to ask her out, it took 2 months of me telling her and her family and friends this same story to get her to talk to me again now we are best friends
stuck in between (49506)
27 days ago
i need advice boys;
i have two biys who may like me but i cant tell,A) he ignores me, flirts with another girl
B) he just now noticed ive been trying to get his attention, beause i liked him, hes dated other girls, when he called some other people said bad stuff about me right by him, prank or is he for reals?
HELP please
Itsmehbro (40074)
28 days ago
I have a crush on a girl named Angel. I really wish she liked me back.....😍😍😍PLEASE ANGEL!!!
Shazmil (74727)
32 days ago
In the other one it was 60 percent,this is way diffrent
JoeandAnna (07803)
39 days ago
In a relationship, this quiz was useless, I was told that she probably doesn't like me but I could still try, truns out she was in love with me and she asked me and I said yes now were married