Does your crush really like you? (guys only)

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I'm a girl and I've had crushes, so I know how we act. Is she giving you mixed signals? Is she just a friend? Is she into you? Does she like you back?

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    When was the last time she talked to you?

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Hallee (76224)
191 days ago
I am a girl these are the ways that you can tell that I lIke Aidan
I blush
It's obvious
I laugh
We pass notes
Plus I told him that I like him
Here is some advice just go for your crush
Mason (76224)
191 days ago
She loves me I touched her hand and we held hands and now we are dating this is the best thing ever
Rana (40007)
191 days ago
I took this but I’m a girl crushing on a girl so idk if it’s accurate :/ It said she did like me though even though she's straight...
Sadness (06873)
192 days ago
Man I crushed her for like about year now and she has a boyfriend, their is no way she gunna break up with him for me. I'm ugly, curved nose, and he seems macho built, hot, and has awesome hair, meanwhile my hair can't stick up! Sadness, going to cry in my sleep for my failures
Kangaroo (63020)
195 days ago
Yh basically the test said she has a 84% chance of not liking me and not being my friend and yet she is now married to me
Guess it doesn’t work everytime
Evelyn (23539)
196 days ago
I really like this guy and he used to be in my class and he always flirts with every girl but me when we go out with our class. 2 days ago he said in the groupapp that he thought I looked good that day. I guess I just never get lucky
ryan (20658)
196 days ago
thank you she said yes
Watching (78036)
201 days ago
All these people confessing what they would never confess to a visible public...
Niall (14866)
201 days ago
I like a girl in my class and yeah... I try my hardest not to look at her but always end up looking and yeah I think she might know that I like her as when I'm near her my friend teases me and when I look at her my face is usually red, I'm not sat near her or anything but try to be around her and talk to her, I think she might like me a little bit but likes some guys more than me, I'm in some of her classes but never sit near her or anything, I hope she never reads this, I don't look at her always so I can't compare the signs to her but she sometimes teases me and stuff so I think she knows, I do try to be near her a lot, her names Talia, so if you ever read this I like you a lot
idk (18218)
202 days ago
I took the test and it said she doesnt like me..she does
😭 (45510)
203 days ago
People say my crush is ugly has a frog head all sorts .
I like him cause he's funny and cute in
His own way . Love u my crush I don't care
What anyone says ✌️Stay strong
ADVICE (45510)
203 days ago
I am a girl and here are the signs I like a boy
. I look at him a lot
. I laugh at his jokes
. Make sure he can see me
. Put my bag down near his
. Sometimes imitate him like if he puts his hands under his
Chin I do
. Get my friends to watch him
. When we're picking groups/partners I look at the teacher and
Try and be in his group ( and pretend I don't )
. Get my friends to send notes 📝 I WANT ANSWERS

One more things boys girls want boys to be straightforward
With them . They wanna know if u like them or not
Don't be shy girls want the confident guys
Ihaveacrush (45510)
203 days ago
Hey amaar
I am 100% sure you will not read this ( hopefully )
But I like u a lot . When u we're in my
Primary I didn't notice u but now I crazy like u
Your are rediculosly funny ( spelt rediculous wrong )
Always thinking bout u wonder if u like me
Love your admirer
Peace out ✌️
Dempsey (05958)
204 days ago
My crush always stared at
me dose that mean she
likes me and Allie if you
are reading this then
yes I like you.
Justin (67629)
206 days ago
I'm sure you won't read this, but I just want to confess that I love you and I have everyday starting when I met you in 6th grade. I'm sorry I never had the guts to go up to you in person, it's just that I get so nervous. Please love me back.
Matias (76066)
215 days ago
Hey Emily I know you probably won’t read this but I’ve liked you ever since we met and I know you probably don’t feel the same way about me. If you do read this and you do like me then tell me. -Matias Netzel
CZ10 (25738)
231 days ago
My crush is so hot and I think she likes me a little but she seems to have other things going on in her mind! I'm competing against 2 other guys. Help! Any advice?
Janelle Serrato (43444)
232 days ago
Alex (43444)
232 days ago
Also, you're pretty hot. Come to my house ;)
Alex (43444)
232 days ago
Also you are not in Stirling, that was your old school. Also Janelle Serrano is not your name xD it's Janelle Barbara