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If You Clicked This Please Do NOT Get Off Until You Are Done With This Quiz. This Is A Good Harry Potter Quiz That Will Decide What Character You Are Most Like. You Probably Might Not Want to take This If You Have Not at Least Read Or Watched The Philosopher's Stone. Thank You!

  • 1
    If You Saw Some Sixth Years Bullying A First Year At Hogwarts, What Would You Do To Make Them Go Away?
  • 2
    What Is The Thing That Worries You The Most About Exams?
  • 3
    What Is Your Favourite Activity?
  • 4
    What Would You Do To A New Person At Hogwarts?
  • 5
    Who Are Your Closest Living Relatives?
  • 6
    What Is Your Favourite Book Out Of The Listed?
  • 7
    What Two Books Are Your Favorite In The Harry Potter Series?
  • 8
    Where Are Your Favorite Character's Parents?
  • 9
    How Would You Spend The Evening At The Yule Ball?
  • 10
    How Would You Rate This Quiz?

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Harry James Potter (35748)
322 days ago
Hermione have you gotten your rest yet or did you not or are you still asleep