Do You Have A Paranormal Power?

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You may be developing some type of power, or already have one. Take this quiz to find out!

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Comments (87)


10 days ago
This is too funny, I’m not going to explain why it’s just to true
Cupcake 123 (42994)
19 days ago
I got you can predict the future if you dream or think of it and that actually happend once before
carmen (45944)
22 days ago
i took this test because i felt like i was always around some sort of spirit and i got 30%sensing spirits 30% sensing others emotions and 17% unclear . pretty accurate!
Lydia (29061)
22 days ago
It says i sense spirit and but I feel like I can hear things I shouldn’t. It’s weird. Last night I heard this ringing noise so I looked around seeing what it could be and saw my fan on. I turned trot off but the noise was still happening a few minutes after it stopped. Then it started again. I ignored it and went to sleep, a couple weeks ago I heard voices saying things about me in the woods (there’s sort of a wood near my house). I could weirdly see them, they were in black one was a girl who was blonde and looked about 17 and a boy with black hair that looked 18. I talked to them in my head planning on how I should leave Munich house and meet them, I had a strong urge to jump out my window (two stories on my house) and run down the road to the ‘woods’. But I didn’t, I then heard a scream, a loud girlish scream. But no one else did as no one else woke up from their sleep. The girl told me ‘we’ll talk soon.’ And the boy said ‘you’re special compared to us.’ And I heard multiple growls like wolves (where there are NONE where I live). I some times talk to them in my head at school and at home. But all the screaming and ringing noise only happen at night when everyone else is sleepings and I’m the only one awake. Sorry.
Jedi Ana (71904)
25 days ago
Says I can move things with my mind. Hmmmm
🦄 (43074)
28 days ago
I think this is pretty accurate. It said my results were not clear, but, it gave me two things. It said I can lift things up with my mind witch I don't think i can do, but it also said I can sense spirits. I think I can sense spirits- and so can my friends. Things have been happening at school about ghosts and me and my friends have random visions of something that is happening near us. I think that the thing that said I can lift things up with my mind was a bit close because me and my friends have studied things on ourselves and think that we can control the weather nearby us. At occasions me and my friends will point outside or wish it was raining or any other weather, and it will just happen within a few seconds / minutes. Anyway hope this comment didn't waste your time!😊
Andrew (12608)
53 days ago
It 40% seeing spirits but more of the time really dream about the future.
Rtx (25628)
64 days ago
85% correct wow 😵
Rp (59560)
78 days ago
Cute quiz! Not accurate, but nice. I liked it.
Autumn (82586)
84 days ago
I love this thing!!!!
Autumn (82586)
84 days ago
I got 30% for seeing future and 30% for moving things with my mind!!!! Awesome right?!?!?!
Kynnedi (18510)
88 days ago
Sorry, spelled my name wrong!😣
Kynendi (18510)
88 days ago
I already knew I can sence spirits; I just took this test for fun. I don't just sence them though, I can sometimes hear and see them. This test has many possibilities that could be true, and I loved how organized it was!☺😆😃
kundan (74048)
90 days ago
if some one scolding me there get a bad to them and iam having the vision of them
kundan (74048)
90 days ago
i can vision of few things related to me my nearby me
baloo (02287)
103 days ago
sometimes i see numbers in my head and things like monsters and humans and vampires and things with chainsaws then something scares me a thing going really fast its a ball it goes so fast and trys to kill me and i see ghosts in real life coming for me
baloo (02287)
103 days ago
i dont know if this is accurate but im pretty sure i can not lift things up with my mind
Jinx (70347)
114 days ago
I actually do have slight empathy and thought reading psychic abilities, this is accurate
The dawn (11727)
121 days ago
I never thought on how much u could see things in ur mind that can predict the future and see the world just in ur head and I never thought so powerful in my life and I never thought how much u can live for what should I do I never ever trusted this site but I have the feelings to change the world and I never thought u can have such great power I just never thought that
blarpprrddSdrt (89956)
127 days ago
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