Do I Have A Paranormal Power?

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If you don't already know, paranormal means "denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis/clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding." YOU might be developing some type of paranormal power - or maybe you already have one! Wouldn't it be fun to know for sure? Try this quiz to find out!

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44 days ago
cool i can read peoples minds
86 days ago
its says my power can be reading minds or telling the future thats cool but when do i read minds?
144 days ago
It ligit said things I can already do! I see future events in my dreams and cam feel emotions of people around me! Eek!
161 days ago
I can sense spirits? That's cool and weird and.....legit WOW
169 days ago
OOOOOH I probably can read minds... (I kinda wanted that btw)
172 days ago
Bruh i just wanted a power like deku and i got the power to see the future
200 days ago
help me.......please
200 days ago
I have the ability to sense spirits. im not joking they come in my room. i also got telekinesis which makes no sense
209 days ago
Ok so I can do telekinesis now...,nice
210 days ago
I can feel emotions
238 days ago
i can predict my future....
242 days ago
I just realized I’m the 4th person with telekinesis WOW I really am rare
242 days ago
It says I am able to move things with my mind but I’m haven’t mastered it yes this completely correct like I am doing it right now I’m moving my laptop bag this is kinda freaky actually cause I don’t know if there is a spirit or demon in meh room or if I’M doing it just to let you know I’m not religious I just believe in ghosts and demons cause my cousin was having a sleep over and we heard children giggling out side my room and I only have a little brother which he’s close to meh age and me and my cuz saw 2 white orbs and 1 black orb (night time)
255 days ago
Guess what. I can see something from another perspective . Like I can see how a thing in front of me or a person can see this world
272 days ago
I know this ain't a paranormal story board, but about 4 yrs ago Me and my family were living in a house in Sheboygan. Now, when you walk up to my room, my sisters' room was directly to the left of the stairs. I was about 8 at the time, and had no idea what I saw. As I was walking up the stairs, something caught my eye. (Just for your clarification, my older sis usually sits on her legs on the edge of her bed) So, being the curious boy I am, I look. And to this day, the image implanted on my brain, making me never able to forget it. There, sitting on my sister's bed, was her. Exept it wasn't. But, most eight yr olds don't know about the paranormal. My "sis" was all black,(like a shadow, but darker) and she looked EXACTLY like my sis, even in her usual pose. This happened about 3 times every month for 3 months. Still scares the living💑outta me every day. I think it was a demon. COMPLETELY BLACK. WTH. If you had something similar happen, please tell me if your comfortable.
272 days ago
Well, I guess I'll tell you anyways.
272 days ago
Uhh... sure, i guess. Is it scary?
272 days ago
I had a paranormal encounter a few years ago. Comment if you want to hear more...
276 days ago
Well mine says i can read other peoples mind umm its kinda true i'll say hihi
311 days ago
I 40% can move things with my mind well I dont know if this counts but today I saw a part of my carseat and I looked in the other room and the other part of the car seat moved I wasn't even close to it (there was the back part and part I saw the seat part fall) and I did mess with the seat earlier but that was like 30ish min before