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PLP quiz

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How much do you remember and understand about the work experience?

  • 1
    It is not essential to make a doctor's appointment to your employer if you were sick.
  • 2
    Commonsense is one of the personal attributes.
  • 3
    Reliability means you should be accustomed to face the new life or new working place quickly.

  • 4
    There are just five important employability skills you should learn.
  • 5
    Integrity is an employability skills.
  • 6
    You should phone your employer before normal starting time when you are going to be late for work.

  • 7
    The employer's responsibility to ensure is provide the necessary safety equipment.
  • 8
    Harassment means you are happy and enjoy working with your workmates or supervisor.
  • 9
    Good personal presentation is to give people a good impression in the first meeting.
  • 10
    No matter how trivial you think the injury is, you should report it to your employer immediately.

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1676 days ago
I got 4 correct. Oh no! I failed!
1787 days ago
I got 4 correct. Oh no! I fail: ( Please read the information immediately ;
1842 days ago
Oh no! I fail! (Please read the information immediately;. I got 4 correct.