What Gender Are You?

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Many people say they want to be the opposite gender. Well now you can see what gender you should be!

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    Are you male or female?

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Ryle (96113)
3 days ago
Im a little bit of both? So Bigender (Which i already identify with xD i just like doing these tests)
Gigi (06577)
4 days ago
For one I said curly Fry's and two I don't have to get pregnant like wth this quiz is messed up.
Jena (13396)
11 days ago
I guess I’m non binary lol
Lucy (22099)
15 days ago
But i like curly fries?
Sammi (56263)
19 days ago
Even though I said I like curly fries, it says I like straight. And I don't have to get pregnant. What kind of quiz is this?
ya boy (60167)
21 days ago
uhfyggffgf m
Happylittletrees (02478)
25 days ago
You are Female. You like straight fries and sticks. You do have to get pregnant.

Averil SquirrelGirl (26769)
26 days ago
I don't have to get pregnant ever. I never want to date anybody. I'd seriously do anything to not date :P there's plenty of girls who don't. I like curly fries... And I don't want to be a boy like in the description it says people want to be the other gender, I like proving girls are awesome. And I'd rather have a text message fight than physical lol so yeah
Justine (55034)
29 days ago
when you get you are male you like curly fries and holes but you just gay af.... lololol help me @bloody_hell.Unigoat
Anonymous (90067)
30 days ago
Honesly this test is awful. Curly or straight fries? The letter V or P???? Dont even bother its complete BS
Rainbows~ (15490)
33 days ago
It said I like straight fries and sticks WHEN I SPECIFICALLY SAID I LIKE CURLY FRIES AND HOLES
dylan (04344)
38 days ago
i... i’m female because i like sticks? i-
Andy (07790)
46 days ago
Just because you are female, doesn’t mean you have to get pregnant!
Also what the hell is a demiboy like me supposed to do?
Andie (65066)
58 days ago
The way you pee has nothing to do with your gender. Some people were born male and so pee standing, even if they are a female or other.
Avery (02315)
69 days ago
This test is completely based on stereotypes and your gender assigned at birth. It's BS unless you have already transitioned. Also, the only option seems to be male or female. I'm Genderfluid! What am I supposed to do?
Big Ol' Blue (50040)
75 days ago
I got the result I expected to get... but what's with the liking curly fries, have I been choosing the wrong fries my entire life?
Wouldn’t you like to no (38133)
82 days ago
I got 47% female & it says 47% of respondents got this profile.... explainnn

Also female isn’t a gender
Ace (56842)
85 days ago
Both which I am bi so yay
Random guy (99267)
85 days ago
What kind of french fries i like has nothing to do w/my gender. this is very inacurate
Anonymous (13086)
90 days ago
Yay I'm a Girl I am so happy