Which Gender Am I? Bi-Gender Quiz

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Many people say they would like to be the opposite gender at least sometimes. It's true that each has its advantages. Anyway, if you have ever had thoughts like this, now you can see which gender you really should be! Get ready to be totally shocked...or maybe not.:-)

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    Biologically, are you considered to be male or female? (I.e., what is your birth sex?)

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7 hours ago
OMG... D or P? C or V? Not funny bro
4 days ago
The best part of being gender fluid is that whoever you date it is gay af
4 days ago
who the hell sleeps & goes around the house in robes / underwear? Haven't you heard of pajamas...?
4 days ago
you guessed it, I'm gender fluid! but a lot of them have nothing to do with gender.
7 days ago
im ace and so most of the questions kinda didn't apply to me since a lot of them were about like💗n 💗 :(
24 days ago
Um EXCUSE me I am NOT a guy, never plan to be one, girls can like curly fries too!
27 days ago
i just relied what they met by holes or sticks... thats nasty
41 days ago
What the heck "Do you like sticks or holes"...? Seriously?
60 days ago
I got bigender.
I'm a bisexual bigender.
92 days ago
I am very confused it says Im 40% Both genders ._. what does that mean I am even more confused than when I started this quiz :/ Whats my other 60% ;-;
94 days ago
“What Gender do you want to be”
109 days ago
I'm both -_-
128 days ago
My name is female, but I am MALE yah!
131 days ago
I got 60% male and 40% female, which is really suprising because ive always thought of myself as fully female, though i am a tomboy and lesbian. my little sister i think is trans though because she extremely dislikes any kind of girl-y clothing or colors. she couldn't find her white button up shirt for an orchestra concert and had to wear my white shirt, which has a little tiny ruffle on the bottom that ive never thought twice about, but she said she really hated it. and once i make a comment on how i liked to draw girls' legs because they're so curvy and boys' legs are just boring tree trunks and she said t\she'd prefer the tree trunks.
196 days ago
So I got Bigender, which was what I suspected. I thought I was a trans guy, but I think it just turns out that I was suppressing my female side in the process of getting my male one out. (I’m physically female but I identify as all genders simultaneously, bigender, trigender, idk) So I came out to one of my good friends who also identifies the same. She had heard that I was trans, but was happy and supportive of me when I told her how I felt. My parents are pretty supportive too. It just feels right. So for those confused peeps out there, here’s advice; Don’t hide your true self away. Don’t suppress one side. If you’re both, accept it. Be it. Love it.
223 days ago
it gave me female I'm pretty sure last time I checked myself I'm a male but go on
226 days ago
um what does having siblings or gender you're attracted have to do with being bigender?not trying to be rude or anything I'm confused that's all
226 days ago
I got male... I’m a girl... I did this quiz as a dare... everyone in the room is kinda shocked now... m’kay then
231 days ago
Cousin just got me pregnet
243 days ago
i got 47% female whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

im a girl