Do I Truly Have Feelings For Her? (Guys Only)

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Sometimes you can like a girl, but feel that you don't truly care for her. Take this test now to see if you do or you don't. And hey - if you care enough to take a quiz about this, you might care for her more than you think you do. You'll know soon!

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    If she were depressed, what would you do?
    If she were depressed, what would you do?

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6 days ago
I was laughing my a$s off on the 2 question
"If she where checking out another guy you would.."
-rIP hiS bAlLs oFf.
30 days ago help me out. I hav had this sorta relationship with this good looking guy for about 6 or so months....he just left during quarantine and I am SOOOO sad....I don't know if I'll see him again....but things were turning from bad to worse and we aren't even in high school yet.....the teacher and parents were trying to stop us and now he left probably for good (no details permitted) and I know he probably didn't want to what do I do!!?? I am SOOOO grieved but yet I want happiness in my life also
64 days ago
@wow take it slow and take the time to think it through. You might hurt the girl code but you will be happy with this guy maybe or maybe not. But if you don’t go for this guy you stay with your friends. Either way communicate this with your friends and ask for the honest opinion then fully do it
69 days ago
Wowww. So, I’m a girl. I’m not a lesbian btw. I took this quick and instead of thinking of a girl I just thought of this guy. Let’s call him pencil. So, pencil and i just started getting closer over the summer. I’ve literally told him everything about my life, he’s given me advice, and vice versa. He’s really helped me through some tough times that omly he knows about. Anyways, so I’ve been getting this feelings lately that maybe he likes me?? Idk. Just for the past couple of weeks I’ve had a feeling that he liked me. So yesterday I posted on my story this thing where I had to prank my bestfriend list on snapchat and say "hey babe". So, he’s on my bsf list so I did it to him. I said "hey babe" and he said "heyyyy🥵”. Yeah. So since there’s been a lot of rumors going around saying that me and him are dating, I posted it on my story and I said "he was just kidding". He took a screen shot of that and posted it on his story saying "I don’t know who told her I was playing but 🤷🏻‍♂️". Yoooo. My heart went crazyyyy🥺🥺. I didn’t wanna say anything so I just swiped up on his post saying “i-😭😭😭”. Then he responded with "😂". Fast forward to just 3 hours ago. I posted this thing on my Instagram story saying "ask me a question". Guess what. He swiped up asking me "would I ever get a chance with you". Yeahhhh.... idkkk. I’m so mad at myself cus I should’ve put "text me privately" but instead I said "if you’re serious then yeah probably" sooo yeahhh. It’s 5 in the morning and I’m just waiting for him to wake up and see it I wanna see what he’s gonna sayyyy. But then again, idk if I wanna he with him. Like I do, but I dontttt. He’s dated like 3 of my friends and idk if I’m willing to risk our friendship over this... anyways yeah pls help me
72 days ago
IMALESBIAN lol I agree there are people who like the same gender that’s my only critique
72 days ago
I asked her out, SHE SAID YESSS! I can’t believe it this quiz helped so much Tysm ty ty ty ty ty!!!!
116 days ago
Looks like im in love with my bed
116 days ago
Idk i don't like her, this test says i like her even if i put some kinda bad options. Shes friend to me and im kinda scared that does she like me cuz she eveeyday likes to text me but i ain't feeling anything towards her. I don't want to ruin our friendship. Even if she goes to take other guy i don't care at all. If she dies i would remember her but not cry about her more than a week or so. Im into girls and im hetero btw. Im just scared that if she likes me
131 days ago
it says that i'm head over heels for her, but then why don't i feel like it?
158 days ago
I got head over heels for some reason... I mean it's not bi or anything @>@
211 days ago
I'm head over heels over her, I knew it
224 days ago
feels both great and weird because I've only known her for a month and a half. But honestly I'm kind of relieved that I'm madly in love with her
224 days ago
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
233 days ago
We plz be not gay :c
297 days ago
So uh I'm a girl and I took this test - it really doesn't make a difference. ANYway, what's up with the "I'd kILL HER PARENTS/MY FRIEND/MYSELF" options? That sounds like a... not good thing? No? Please? Not correct?
Still, it was a decent quiz. Props.
323 days ago
I moved away from a girl I wanted to ask out for two years and I wondered if I should have.
385 days ago
ireally love her so much more than i even knew wawooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
416 days ago
Lol why did i even take this quiz
417 days ago
I’m a GURLL! TRY AND STOP MEHH. LOL I did this acting as my crush. Omg I’m desperate lol..
425 days ago
My crutch da bacon mmmmm