Which Disney Princess Am I Most Like?

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Are you most like Ariel, Belle, Esmeralda, Mulan, or Tiana? Of course, there are many other Disney Princesses to choose from, but I could only fit five in this quiz. I hope you like my favorites! Note: Your physical result will most likely be the one who resembles the you most in facial features. Hair/skin/eye colour might vary.

  • 1
    What colour skin do you have?
  • 2
    What style is your hair? (Pick the closest.)
  • 3
    What colour is your hair?

  • 4
    What shape are your eyes?
  • 5
    What colour are your eyes?
  • 6
    What is your body shape?

  • 7
    Your lips are most like:
  • 8
    What is your fashion style?
  • 9
    Which of these colours do you like the best?
  • 10
    Your typical expression?

  • 11
    What is your face shape?
  • 12
    Which of these celebrities do you most closely resemble?

Comments (32)


I am very pale and have curly ginger hair. How did I get Tiana?
5 days ago
I got mulan.How?
I have straight medium blonde hair big green eyes I love pink I'm a mix of pale and peach and i have a round face
6 days ago
I have tanned skin, I like comfortable clothes, I love pink, my face is round and I look determined usually.
6 days ago
I don't look like Mulan! Someone sum me up!

I have long dark brown curly hair, blue eyes, I love reading, thin lips, almond shaped eyes, I have a mostly straight body.
10 days ago

Yo,for if you need help/someone to talk to.
21 days ago
I am belle freckles blond and brown hair close but I think I'm more like Anna,and that a yes. Never should of taken it any way
24 days ago
Ah yes; dark tan skin, Light blond hair, bright blue eyes, Iโ€™m definitely BELLE!! This test isnโ€™t right at all ๐Ÿ˜‚
70 days ago
I liked this quiz it was good thanks for making it โค๏ธ
72 days ago
I got belle, I have strawberry blonde hair blue eyes and freckles and everyone tells me I look exactly like Anna because I have blonde stripes in my hair. All natural as well. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–
84 days ago
I got ariel and i have brown hair and blue eyes like what?????????
112 days ago
I got belle, and I always get Belle IDK why but I feel like it's because my personality is like her but in looks I have very long dark and light mixed brown hairs, I'm 5'4 I have fair pink skin..๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿ’œ
117 days ago
I got Mulan, I have tan skin with wavy/curly brown hair. So.....
137 days ago
I got mulan and i am a small caucasian girl with blonde hair and grey eyes....
195 days ago
I got Ariel I have brown hair and light blue eyes I thought I would be esmeralda or like belle.
197 days ago
I got belle although my hair is down to my knees is gold and i have tan skin not pale sooooooooooo
211 days ago
I got Ariel yet my hair is medium brown, medium to long length. I donโ€™t quite get it... yet this is also a quiz and the result wonโ€™t be accurate.
221 days ago
I got Belle but I have dark blonde at the top of my head, then like an ombre effect, it goes to light blonde. Otherwise..I love it!!!!
229 days ago
I got mulan but I have green eyes dirty blond hair and I'm fav color is red not green or blue
233 days ago
I got mulan which is really cool
369 days ago
I donโ€™t like you go girl