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Does she love you?

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I'm a girl, so I know what they are like. Boys only.

  • 1
    How often does she look at you?
  • 2
    When you walk past her, what does she do?
  • 3
    Are you...?

  • 4
    How often do you see each other?
  • 5
    What's her favourite colour?
  • 6
    Does she have a boyfriend?

  • 7
    Does she know where you live?
  • 8
    What would you do if you went on a date?
  • 9
    What's she like?
  • 10
    What's her favorite thing?

Comments (2)


1341 days ago
I am so happy I got :

She loves you like hell! Your definitely the only one for her so ask her out and see how it goes!

1634 days ago
She love me????????????????????? ?????????????0???