Does She Like You? BOYS ONLY!

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So does the girl of your dreams like you? Well I'm a girl and I know how we are, and the signs of us liking a guy.

  • 1
    Does she ever smile, or say hi?
  • 2
    Is she around you often?
  • 3
    Does she have your number and do you have hers? If so... do you text or call each other a lot?

  • 4
    Does she stare at you? I do... at my crush:)
  • 5
    Does she touch her neck and flip her hair? (like she has a neck ache) She really doesn't though
  • 6
    Does she come over to you to talk? Or do you go to her?

  • 7
    Do you notice any flirting from her?
  • 8
    Does she tease you?
  • 9
    Does she offer you something.... like a donut:) I offered my crush one:) he Kind of embarrassed me....So NO!
  • 10
    Last one... Thank goodness! Do you think she likes you?

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131 days ago
Ugh, I’m sorry, but..... I’m not gonna be coming back. Y’all don’t even chat anymore!! It makes me really sad >:(!! I’m leaving 😤
131 days ago
Hey, y’all!!!!!!!! I’m back!!!!! Please come back 🥺
131 days ago
I meat to say, “I’ll be back on May 22!!” Not, “I’ll be back on May 23!!” I’ve got things to do on May 23 😂!! Lol.
131 days ago
wow!! Colors work!!!!
131 days ago
Hello I want to see if red works!!!!
131 days ago
You know what, I’ll be back on this page on May 23 😊!!
131 days ago
I’ll be back on this page like..... May 30. My cousin is having a wedding so I’m quite busy.
131 days ago
Hey, so I’m a girl...... please don’t be mad, but I wanted to know if my crush (Jacob) likes me. He is also known as “JL Studios” He is so cute and cool. I hope this place won’t ban me. I just REALLY like Jacob....... please tell me people still use this 😂
483 days ago
I haven’t asked her if she likes me yet, I plan on telling her in a year or five months, yknow, get to know her more((green)
799 days ago
Lol this quiz is real accurate I tried doing it as my crush.... and the results was just like me 💋😀 so I guess he likes me wish I knew but was not sure if..... btw I already LOVED Him more than anything and would kill for him I love Har...... nvm
951 days ago
Fair enough. I suppose if I were in your shoes (no feet pun intended) I’d do the same thing. Unless things are political, I’m more quiet than your average guy. So, when things start involving girls, I’m by definition “shy”. My best solution for that is I’m a huge Bon Jovi fan (in fact Tokyo Road is a song from their album 7800’ Fahrenheit, and later became an album name in 2001), and I convey my emotions through songs like “Always”, “I’ll Be There For You”, “She Don’t Know Me”, and “Bed of Roses”, to name a few.
951 days ago
She can’t be afraid of what I would say. She knows I like her. 😐
958 days ago
Us girls need to know if we are making the right moves or not. That is why we take the boys tests. Like did you know that girls stare at their crush's feet. I didn't till i took a test and realized that i do.
966 days ago
I doubt that my results are accurate.

Speaking of which.... it’s kind of disturbing how many girls participate in guy oriented quizzes
1110 days ago
This quiz is accurate. I tried doing it as my crush ;-; And the ending was just like me~ yay.. 😄
1158 days ago
I'm actually a girl. But dont blame me, blame this boy who was on the girl's test. He gave me the idea.
1660 days ago
so amazing, love this page so much!