How Random Are You?

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Random isn't what you may think. If you take this test, you'll find out just how random you are.

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    You're in... I don't know, school. Someone walks up and asks for your name... what do you say?

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206 days ago
206 days ago
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904 days ago
Hahahahahahaha lol I iz waffle! ROFL dis quiz is so random mm uwu! I got like soooooo random! OK, imma head out! *nyan cat theme intensifies* uwu
904 days ago
Lmao so funny haha I'm just like a potato bro ;-;
1479 days ago
Lmao answer everything with "YOUR FACE" and this is what u get: You may feel random, but you're really just a wannabe. I don't mean to be rude, but maybe you should try a more... funny approach. If you run around saying the same things all day, it's not random at all. In fact, it's expected. Expected is not random.