Sex and the City Test

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How well do you know Sex and the City?
Try my Season 1 Test!

  • 1
    In the first episode "Sex and the City" whose birthday are the 4 gals celebrating?
  • 2
    What is the name of the guy who has sex with only models in the episode "Models and Mortals?"
  • 3
    In "Bay of Married Pigs" what was the name of the couple that Carrie went to visit in The Hamptons, and had to leave quickly after seeing too much of the man?

  • 4
    In "Valley of the twenty something guys" Carrie sleeps with a guy and has to go use the bathroom, she discovers there is no toilet paper, and she asks the guy if he has anymore, and he says he using the last piece to do what?
  • 5
    In "Power of the female sex" Carrie and Samantha try to get into this hot restaurant the whole episode, but cannot, until Carrie gives the hostess something to help her out, what did she give her?
  • 6
    In "The Monogamists" Carrie is spending all her time with Big, but she makes time to go out with the girls, what color dress does she wear out to dinner with them?

  • 7
    In "Secret Sex" Miranda starts sleeping with a man, but then she finds a porn video at his apartment, what kind was it?
  • 8
    In "Three's a Crowd" Carrie finds out that Big has been married before and that she works in publishing, so she decides to scope her out by pitching a stupid idea to her about a little girl named Kathy who has magic what?
  • 9
    In the episode "The Turtle and the Hare" Charlotte gets addicted to a vibrator with what animal name?
  • 10
    In "The Baby Shower" what gift does Miranda bring to the mother to be?

  • 11
    In "The Drought" Charlotte is dating a man who is not interested in sex anymore ever since he started taking this drug?
  • 12
    In "Oh come all ye faithful" at the end of the episode Carrie is going to break up with Big and not go on the trip with him unless he tells her something right then and there, what was it?
  • 13
    In the first episode "Sex and the City" Carrie first meets Mr Big where? And what falls out of her purse that he helps her pick up?
  • 14
    In "Models and Mortals" what is the name of the hot underwear model that is a client of Stanford?
  • 15
    In "Bay of Married Pigs" what is the name of Miranda's Boss?

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