Teen girls: Are you good BFFs?

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There are good BFFs, and there are GREAT ones. Are you and your BFF top-notch? (You'd like to think so, of course.) If you're wondering how you rate as best friends, take my BFF test now!

  • 1
    Be honest - how often do you and your BFF fight?
  • 2
    Your BFF is really having trouble with a subject that you're great at. Her parents are making her get a tutor and giving her a hard time. Which would you do?
    Your BFF is really having trouble with a subject that you're great at. Her parents are making her get a tutor and giving her a hard time. Which w
  • 3
    Your BFF wants to borrow money for something she very badly wants. What do you do?
  • 4
    Your BFF takes you on a great day out. What do you do?
  • 5
    You hear malicious gossip about your BFF - what do you do?
  • 6
    Your BFF is crazy about a guy and wants you to tell him. What happens?
  • 7
    Your BFF is sick for the day - what do you do?
  • 8
    Your BFF has a new friend or boyfriend whom you know is really bad news - you have evidence of it from the past. What do you do?
  • 9
    Do you know really personal things about your BFF (like what she wants to do in college, her favorite childhood movies, strange habits, etc.)?
  • 10
    Do you get along with your BFF's other friends and family members?

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52 days ago
70% Top BFF. Even though it isn't as high as we wanted, nothing will EVER stop me from being Best friends with KK.☺

If anyone else takes this quiz and doesn't get the score you want, don't be discouraged. This is what these quizzes are all about. Finding out the strengths and flaws in your friendship and fixng the flaws. Always stay true and know who your real BFF is. Hope everyone enjoys the quiz and has a good day!!
82 days ago
I really love ny bff and nothing will stop me by loving her ❤
112 days ago
I really love my best friend and nothing will make me stop loving her and stop being her best friend, I really love you Hannah.
129 days ago
hey i have with my compiteter but the result is 30persent
150 days ago
I have 100% also to bff
152 days ago
I took 10 tests and they all say that we are OK but not bffs
157 days ago
Top bff 👩🏽👩🏻👩🏻‍🦱 yaaaay
162 days ago
I got Top BFF and both me and my best friend are extremely happy with that
173 days ago
Me and my friend have changed so much it's unbelievable I have gone through rough times and she's still been there for me
177 days ago
i know how you feel if you ever read this then please reply so i know but back to the point my worst enemy poppy pig is telling my friend (bffl) mixed messages and it is hard for me now im worried about her braking up with me so i dont know. i have been called names too and i think you need to stand up to her now and tell her if she dosnt stop you would break there friendship now. if that didnt work shes not worth it find some one new. unicorn dont let any one bully u
219 days ago
My BFF doesn't know my crush yet..... She always makes me laugh, she understands my thoughts..... but............ I don't think she's ready for crushes yet..... {@Unicorns: IKR!!!!}
231 days ago
My friend and I have been very close since we met last year. She's the only person who knows who i like other than my brother. But lately, she's been telling me things that aren't true, with a "just kidding!" at the end, and she keeps calling me a name I don't like that I've told her at least FIVE HUNDRED TIMES i don't like to be called, just to annoy me. And its not like she forgets because she told me it was funny. I don't want to end our friendship but shes been annoying the hell out of me lately SOMEONE PLZ HELP
255 days ago
hi guys i loved this test so did summer im doing a free give away. you can win a Audi car. bye guys
259 days ago
I love my BFFL she is the best and first best friend i ever could wish for i love her so much i could not go one day without calling her she is the best
261 days ago
I have had so many friendship problems. I used to have a really good best friend in middle school, we were always together and we hardly ever argued, but then she got in trouble for taking some people's things and told her mother that I had made her do it so that she wouldn't get in any trouble, and her mother told her she couldn't be my friend anymore and then she went off with someone else.
After a whole school year, once I had finally gotten over the betrayal, I started searching for a new bff and I found someone else! She was very nice and I felt I could trust her. In senior school, a girl who was absolutely obsessed with BTS and K-Pop was among many of the people in our class. My new best friend began slowly spending more and more time with her. I tried to make new friends because I knew I had already lost her, but by the everyone had already settled into fried groups, and there was no one left for me. Now it is really lonely at school and I sort of drift around school on my own with no one to talk to
265 days ago
We been bff when we was in first grade and now we are in four grade and having crushs.😍
274 days ago
i have an amzing funny and lovable freind cald bella but can some times go over the top and get a little bosy but i love her the same its getting near christmas and i haven't got her a gift what shall i get please help i hope you reply soon!
love ginny xxxxx thanks
283 days ago
obviously shes my sister & NOTHING NOT even my other friend can break us apart
284 days ago
I am a top bff!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
285 days ago