Do you like him more than a friend?

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So, you think you like your friend? Take this quiz. to see if you really like him or if their just a friend to you.

  • 1
    When you see him looking/smiling at you, your heart melts and you cant help but smile back.
  • 2
    He has said you are like a sister to him.
  • 3
    You sometimes daydream or have dreams about the two of you, acting like you were more than friends.
  • 4
    You find yourself trying to get his attention a lot.
  • 5
    When you aren't with him, you sometimes are either thinking about him or wishing you were with him.
  • 6
    When you get married, you picture him as your groom.
  • 7
    You find yourself trying to get close to him whenever you can.
  • 8
    The reason you think you like him is because your friend told you that you would be cute together.
  • 9
    If he asked you out, you would say yes
  • 10
    If he asked you out, you would say no. This might be because you think he is just playing a trick on you or because you wouldn't want to risk the friendship. Or maybe you just don't like him.

Comments (10)


ThePotatoFam (01168)
103 days ago
Apparently I love him, and I think I might. His friends say we'd be good together, and he gives me hugs sometimes. He pulls my hair and teases me about my height. I really love him, but how do I tell him?? Help
Someone random (50491)
116 days ago
I feel like I do love him but I wouldn't want to lose or hurt him in any way. And people (whom I ask) say you feel butterflies when you are around someone you like. But I feel completely calm around him and I love it. It's sort of like I'm meant to be there or something.
whodis (38067)
134 days ago
I said I love him. for sure i think i do...the only prob is i am currently in a relationship.
Anonymous (32697)
142 days ago
Ok I rlly can’t tell if I wanna date him or not but I don’t wanna ruin our friendship and is it bad that I could see myself marrying him? We’re just so close but Ik who he likes and I think they would be soooo cute together. I don’t even understand my own feelings.
165 days ago
I like him 💕 it try not to but he is soooooo cute 😍
Shocked (25993)
165 days ago
I really ike him 😍
Totally screwed (94778)
166 days ago
A gender (90071)
181 days ago
Desy (25004)
217 days ago
It says I love him and I should ask him out but I moved and now we don't see each other but we text sometimes
Me (93587)
221 days ago
Omg! It says I love him! This is so cool. I don’t want to ask him out tho cause I don’t want him to say no. I think he would want to ask me any ways too.