Do You Like Him As More Than A Friend?

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So, you think you might "like like" your friend? It's a pretty common thing, actually. Take this quiz now to see if you REALLY like him, or if he's just a friend.

  • 1
    When you see him looking/smiling at you, your heart melts and you can't help but smile back.
    When you see him looking/smiling at you, your heart melts and you can't help but smile back.
  • 2
    He has said you are like a sister to him.
  • 3
    You sometimes daydream or have dreams while sleeping about the two of you being more than friends.
  • 4
    You find yourself trying to get his attention a lot.
  • 5
    When you aren't with him, you often think about him or wish you were with him.
  • 6
    When you think about getting married, you picture him as your groom.
  • 7
    You find yourself trying to get close to him whenever you can.
  • 8
    The reason you think you like him is because your friend told you that you would be cute together.
  • 9
    If he asked you out, you would say yes.
  • 10
    If he asked you out, you would say no. This might be because you think he is just playing a trick on you or because you wouldn't want to risk the friendship. Or maybe you just don't like him.

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117 days ago
This guy is my friend from primary school. Now I'm 8th grade and i ve been told many times that he likrs me. I am confused and i think i like him. But there' s no way i will tell him!!!!
140 days ago
Help mee well if you font feel anything towafds them then you shouldnt meep trying its perfectly fine jot to feel anything towards somebody and if the test say your asexual then i mean its your thing yah know so there is no need to make yourself like them i suggest taking so e other kinds of sexualty tests if the asexual thing confuses you erm hope you see this or if it just makes you feel better
192 days ago
hey...can someone help? I've taken a couple of tests and it says im asexual, however I have these friends who are boys and i feel weird around them. I was thinking it would be that in my old school I didnt really interact with many boys. I've tried to make make myself believe that I like one of them, but it doesnt work!
I just think to myself after, "Ew, why would i want to do that kinda stuff."
So I think i just don't feel anything special for them...
224 days ago
ahh I'm so confused - I thought I was gay and liked girls (still do like girls though) but I have this one guy friend who's really cute and??? idk what to do because my mum just managed to be on board with me being gay so I don't want to flip flop around
234 days ago
So scared to tell him! He's been my bff since 1st grade! What will he say?
268 days ago
Ok I’ve known him since diapers we were never close until this year (8th grade) now I think I’m starting to like him. The quiz confirms my thoughts soooo
315 days ago
How do you know by your own instincts if you like them??
327 days ago
Wow um well let's see he's been my friend since kindergarten but we weren't close-ish until 4th grade now I'm in 6th and this quiz said I obviously like him!! I don't think so. I might, but I don't think I do.. I've been thinking about it recently. I wanted to know but I don't think this is the most accurate
363 days ago
I love my BFF so much!
403 days ago
It said that I I like him but I took a quiz that said he could see me as more than a crush but for now we should just be friends, I really like him. What do I do?
453 days ago
470 days ago
It says, it seems to me that you like him ( which in my case is actually a her ) and this confirms that i like her because i’m Really shy and the 2 answers i didn’t get “right” where if i’m Around them a lot. But i’m Not because I feel embarrassed and I don’t know if I should talk to them or not when they walk past me. :( we hang out sometimes but I guess I don’t want to make a fool of my self
470 days ago
496 days ago
683 days ago
Apparently I love him, and I think I might. His friends say we'd be good together, and he gives me hugs sometimes. He pulls my hair and teases me about my height. I really love him, but how do I tell him?? Help
696 days ago
I feel like I do love him but I wouldn't want to lose or hurt him in any way. And people (whom I ask) say you feel butterflies when you are around someone you like. But I feel completely calm around him and I love it. It's sort of like I'm meant to be there or something.
713 days ago
I said I love him. for sure i think i do...the only prob is i am currently in a relationship.
721 days ago
Ok I rlly can’t tell if I wanna date him or not but I don’t wanna ruin our friendship and is it bad that I could see myself marrying him? We’re just so close but Ik who he likes and I think they would be soooo cute together. I don’t even understand my own feelings.
745 days ago
I like him 💕 it try not to but he is soooooo cute 😍
745 days ago
I really ike him 😍