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Does your crush really like you? (guys only)

29.3 % of users had this result: She is giving you mixed signals. She doesn't know how to make up her mind, or maybe she thinks you don't like her. Sit by her at lunch or talk to her more. She will like you more!

21.23 % of users had this result: She just wants to be your friend. She has feelings for you like a brother or cousin but not as a boyfriend. If you can't get over her, get into deeper conversation with her, touch her arm (it will show you care) and biggest of all: don't be a jerk sometimes and lovey the next. She will think you aren't into her!

24.15 % of users had this result: She likes you back but she wants you to ask her out! That's the way it works! If you still don't have the guts, sit by her, touch her arm or hand, talk about family or how she feels! Also, when you have to chose a partner in class or whatever, ask her!

25.33 % of users had this result: She's not into you at all! She probably doesn't even want to be your friend or she just doesn't know or care about you a whole lot. Get over her! Find someone else!